Past Nantes Event: VOL 11

Thumb 04 hannakarim

Imagine, to go Beyond

@ VOL 11 ON DEC 02, 2015

"In war, the hardest thing is to think about your future, present and past, to think about love, life, and dreams, but sometimes you need to Imagine to go beyoned your miserable reality, and turn it as you want to imagine." Hanna Karim, film maker

Thumb 08 jeannejulien

Atelier La Feuille d'Or

@ VOL 11 ON DEC 02, 2015

Jeanne JULIEN worked in different workshops in Paris and elsewhere in France to multiply her technical skills and perfect her know-how.

French gilder since 10 years, Jeanne JULIEN has been working for her own gilding workshop in Nantes since its launch in July 2013 : Atelier la Feuille d’Or.

Her main jobs are :

  • Restoration of gilded wooden artifacts, such as painting frames, pieces of furniture or antiques
  • Gold finish for specific requests (newly crafted objects)

Gilding can be applied to all supports and materials : wood, metal, stone, glass,…

Coating materials are numerous : gold (different shades comprising yellow, red, green or white), silver, palladium, moongold, copper…

And the surface finish can include taints, wear, or powdering.

The workshop’s skills are :

  • Water gilding (preceded by surface preparation and fine carving)
  • Oil gilding
  • Gelatin gilding (mostly adapted to smooth surfaces such as glass)

And the jobs can be done inside the workshop, or on-site (indoor as well as outdoor).

Thumb 14 labonneterie


@ VOL 11 ON DEC 02, 2015

La Bonneterie is a co-working space based in Rezé, near from Nantes, in France.

This old fabric's factory of 350 m2  is now rehabilited with commun spaces, offices, and a screen printing studio.

9 differents structures are working there since 2013 : associations, companies and independents.

All the residents of La Bonneterie have created there own association in order to create cultural events, music shows or open house days.

Thumb 11 mariemaupas

L(es) Impromptu(s)

@ VOL 11 ON DEC 02, 2015

Marie Maupas, choreographer and artistic director of Cie Les Quais de la Danse (Nantes), will discuss her process creation, L (es) Impromptu(s), coined as choreographic game rule and uses since, in various versions.

In 6,40mn she and Caroline Cybula, her dancing, fit a new game live, L (es) Impromptu (s)

PechaKucha. An insured challenge !

Thumb 17 hervemarchand

Attention to Reality

@ VOL 11 ON DEC 02, 2015

The Quinzaine Photographique Nantaise was born in 1997. Since then the festival is held every September. During a month (15 days in the early years) various exhibitions with a common theme are open to the public.

2016 will therefore be the year of its 20th anniversary.

Photography is a medium which is intimately connected to reality and a reproduction tool, but it is above all a form of language that draws its evocative power beyond words. The QPN favors this strong link to reality. The field of exploration of our festival is not disconnected from what matters in our lives.

Making meaningful programming choices, showing the plurality of expressions while drawing parallels between the works exhibited, and in the end producing a coherent and understandable project that we will enjoy sharing.
Thumb 11 4mod


@ VOL 11 ON DEC 02, 2015

"As a designer, my daily job is to create products useful for the user. This is a short description of how design may be helpful to prevent clumsy experiences. Most of all, this is how design should be at the user’s service considering industrial issues." Jonathan Hamot 
Thumb 12 mariegalopin


@ VOL 11 ON DEC 02, 2015

"My name is Marie Odile Gaultier, known as Marie Galopin. I was born in Tours. After a fairly ordinary schooling followed a training course in visual communication.
During this training, I first chose to focus on national art then later on Photoshop.
My albums were noticed due to their colours, and enabled me to collaborate with a number of illustrators and sign projects with publishing houses as Delcourt, Lombard, Casterman, Gallimard.
We worked in The ghost of the Opera by Chrisophe Gaultier, Gauguin y maximilien leroy, and on the coloring of the Radio France web doc presenting the Traviatta show at the Bastille Opéra.
This collaborative work as colorist allowed my work to be more visible in various exhibition in France and abroad.  
I love talking about my work and regulary give talks in schools.
I have just settled in Nantes and work in a co – working.
My job tends to be solitary so exchanging with others essential to me." Marie Galopin

Thumb 11 frederiquesoulard

Belles de bitume

@ VOL 11 ON DEC 02, 2015

Poussant une charrette à bras remplie de plantes, de tisanes à déguster et de livres sur les plantes médicinales, Frédérique Soulard embarque le public de la rue à la découverte de celles que l'on nomme souvent les "mauvaises herbes". 
Les participants laissent une trace de leur balade poétique et écrivent sur le bitume le nom des espèces identifiées.
Frédérique souligne toute la promenade de contes autour des plantes et du végétal. 

Thumb 01 claudefrancheteau

 Blue-Sky Painting

@ VOL 11 ON DEC 02, 2015

"I was lying on my back, near the river, my eyes staring into the deep blue of the sky. At the edge of my field of vision, I could see the rooves and chimneys of buildings, lost in the vastness and giving meaning to it. What I saw could be a way to paint."
Claude Francheteau paints contemporary and yet paradoxically classical skies.
With the help of modern acrylic paints and digital photography, depicting skies in the ancient way with a modern eye. A sincere kind of blue sky thinking." 
Claude Francheteau

Thumb 06 cianciomizio

When Graphism Meets Words

@ VOL 11 ON DEC 02, 2015

Architect and artist Ciancio Alexandre collects forgiven clichés with no known history and transforms them into brand new collages. More than a graphic work, he tries to evoke and create new stories, new emotions. 

After a 20x20 in December 2013 about the dangers of creative ideas ( ) the humorous novelist, columnist and teacher in communication Francis Mizio has embarking on a perilous exercise : improvise his 20x20 from images created by an illustrator... pictures he has not seen before projection. This challenge will probably prove that ridicule kills... or not. This can also be fine. Or not. 

Francis Mizio
in Nantes
Ciancio Alexandre
Architect and artist in Nantes
Hanna Karim
in Nantes
Jeanne Julien
in Nantes
Hervé Marchand
Directeur festival QPN, QPN in Nantes
Marie Galopin
in Nantes
Jonathan Hamot
Designer, 4MOD Technology in Nantes
Marie Maupas
in Nantes