Poster for PKN Nantes Vol. 12

PechaKucha Night Nantes captures the tongue-twisting nature of our world famous moniker for their upcoming Vol. 12 Poster. As tricky as PechaKucha may be to pronounce, with presentations only 400 seconds long, Nantes need need not worry about getting their tongues tied. We'll blow them a kiss for good luck! (...a French kiss, of course!)

For this week's update on the front page of the site of sliding images from PechaKucha Nights the world over, we add a photo from one of Nantes' earlier events.

We're back with a City Focus this week, and we're highlighting the fantastic presentations coming from Nantes in France, the latest batch coming from this past summer's Vol. 8 -- and the next edition, the city's Vol. 9, is already scheduled for December 2. 

Here's a look at the poster for Nantes' upcoming PechaKucha Night Vol. 8, which will take place at the architecture school ENSA on July 4 -- visit the official event page for more details. The illustration for the poster is by L'Atelier La Casse, and here they explain how they approached the project:

A PechaKucha Night is a full moment, where words and pictures combine together, during a limited time for a shorten talk. Many things are discussed, much remains unanswered. It's difficult not to leave the format 20x20. Therefore, PechaKucha is a dangerous exercice. This poster is a simple shape of our own vision of the event.

Though winter is upon us, that's no excuse to cover ourselves in an absence of color! PKN Nantes has sent us a poster for their upcoming Vol. 7, designed by the amazingly talented Alice Hameau. She has this to say about her piece:

Why not add a little warmth to the autumnal greys? A gathering of colorful birds can warm us up! The swath of mouths moving, squealing, minds thinking, reflecting upon the vibrant infinity found in this kaleidoscopic square.

The exciting evening, coming on December 17 to ENSA, will feature presentations from designers, writers, cellarmen, and more!

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Ever wonder why Nantes, France has some of the coolest posters around?

PKN Nantes organizers Collectif MARTINN clue us in: they recently held a contest in which students of the local AGR art school designed PKN Nantes' Vol. 6 poster. Young creative Marine Scherer won the competition with her fresh illustration, and had this to say about it:

Take the plunge, head first! PechaKucha is a creative promenade, full of humour and poetry in which the protagonist plunges deeply and finds themselves in the deep end of the depths of arts. This is what this original concept offers. I suggest you get into this colourful universe with me. Objects are alive here, they dance and make the audience feel like abandoning themselves to their creativity. You will need courage to sink into this madness to bring back the light.

To see more great posters from PechaKucha Nights all over the world, check out our Tumblr blog.

The western France city of Nantes has another exciting event planned for next Tuesday, April 9. Organizer Marie-Neige Roux has this to say about PKN Nantes Vol. 5:

"...all the speakers will have this theme in common: “Green”, due to the fact that Nantes is the 2013 European Green Capital city!"

And on the cool poster from French graphic design studio Acetone Graphik, Yohann Morvan has this to say:

"I see PechaKucha like a big mass of creativity. Each presenter speaks like a 'moralizer' to convince a say 'believe in my idea.'" ... "This poster is composed by impossible type forms and icons, a form of propaganda message ? My treatment in two-color process try to purify for a better and simple read and call back the posters of church concerts in the 50's."

To see more great posters from PechaKucha Nights all over the world, check out our Tumblr blog.

PKN Pittsfield Vol. 1 Presentations Walking and taking in art sure sounds like a winning combination, and that's just what you get with First Fridays Artswalk. Mary McGinnis uses her presentation (from PKN Pittsfield Vol. 1) to explain the project. Federico Fasce (of Urustar) talks about how he thinks games can change the world. He believes that games are the most important form of expression of this century. The presentation (in Italian, from PKN Genoa Vol. 1) covers his experience with Privacy Traders, a game designed and developed for high school students. In Privacy Traders, through mechanical trade and exchange, the idea is to stimulate a reflection on the sharing of personal data, on the role of the internet and social networks, and on the importance to better understand the people to whom we entrust sensitive data every day. PKN Nantes Vol. 4 Posters We have a few new posters on the Tumblr blog today, starting with PKN Nantes Vol. 4 that you see above. Also added were posters for PKN St. Petersburg Vol. 21, as well as for PKN Dunedin Vol. 13 and 14. httpv:// Video Here's a video teaser for PKN Hyderabad Vol. 10, which is taking place this coming Saturday (September 1). Calendar There's no PKN on the agenda for tonight, but tomorrow night (August 28) you can catch PKN San Francisco Vol. 51 and PKN Buenos Aires Vol. 26.

PKN Toronto Vol. 13 Presentations Payam Shalchian and Jamie Black, two alumni from the Institute Without Boundaries, talk (at PKN Toronto Vol. 13) about the significance of collective action in reviving urbanized environments. They use Lota, a project in Chile, as a case study, reflecting on the project's outcome in relation to various aspects of Toronto. Marek Czechowski is a traveler and researcher, and in his presentation (in Polish, from PKN Koszalin Vol. 7) he talks about the real history of the teutonic knights, who during the 13th century ruled the North of Poland. This is however a history that doesn't follow any school books or academic sources. This story reveals the very truth about the knights, who, according to Marek, were not able to build their famous brick castles themselves... Gaining spontaneous applause, Marek proves they had no necessary knowledge to do this, and that they had insufficient money, as well as insufficient building materials. PKN Nantes Vol. 3 Posters We have two new posters on our Tumblr blog today: a flyer for PKN Kyoto Vol. 7, and then one from Nantes (pictured above), for the city's upcoming PKN Vol. 3 (set for June 19). PKN Cancun Vol. 3 PKN Cancun Vol. 3 PKN Cancun Vol. 3 Photos We have a few new Facebook galleries to share with you today. Above, a few photos from this past weekend's PKN Cancun Vol. 3 -- the event had been postponed because of bad weather, but this time it was all go for a beautiful outdoor setting.  

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Calendar Tonight's (June 13) PechaKucha satisfaction comes your way from PKN Okayama Vol.  14 and PKN Adelaide Vol. 3. Tomorrow, look out for these events: PKN Pittsfield Vol. 2, PKN Toronto Vol. 16, PKN Sheffield Vol. 11, PKN Ornskoldsvik Vol. 1, PKN Portsmouth Vol. 11, and PKN Saint-Etienne Vol. 10.

Poster for PKN Nantes Vol. 2 PechaKucha Night in Nantes Vol. 2 is happening tomorrow night (March 7) at ENSA. The wonderful poster that was produced for the event was photographed and designed by Gregg Bréhin.