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We haven't scheduled our next PechaKucha Night yet, but in the meantime you can watch some presentations, look at our map to see if there are any scheduled PKNs in nearby cities, or have a look at the long list of upcoming events, to see if there's one you can attend!


Featured Presentation

"As I'm often asked about how I find my ideas, I finally decided to write down my own vision of the creation process, which I called "The Peanut theory", because it talks about peanuts lost in space and colliding each others... Thanks to that beautiful theory, everything will become cristal clear to you, folks !" Fabien Vehlmann

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Voies off

@ VOL 13 ON MAY 24, 2017

Olivier Garraud. "Pour Pecha Kutcha, j’ai décidé d’écrire un texte, qui par de moi, et qui parle des autres. Un texte qui trace une ligne entre mes dessins. Un texte sous la forme de voies off, sans doute inconsciente mais pas déraisonnable."

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Andersen : la typographie prend la parole

@ VOL 13 ON MAY 24, 2017

"Andersen typeface is intended for tales and children stories in general. What makes Andersen different is its new punctuation marks. Indeed, in addition of classical glyphs, Andersen have 12 totally new punctuation signs expressing feelings. As in Spanish punctuation, theses glyphs are placed at the beginning and at the end of a sentence to help the reader to find the right tone."

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Le végétal comme matière première aux émotions

@ VOL 13 ON MAY 24, 2017

Anouk Autier shapes vegetable atmospheres, floral scenography and explores potential of flora.

Vegetals becomes a raw material, at the service of a history, a message, an emotion. Living materials, which comes at most from the local biotope, also gives its artistic approach a sustainability dimension.

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Morphogénèse 2 : Le sauvage et l’artifice

@ VOL 13 ON MAY 24, 2017

ENSAN. Morphogénèse 2, 9 of march, 2017, 6.30 pm – The varnishing of the exhibition begin in the Maison de l’Architecture des Pays de la Loire. About forty students in architecture show their works of morphology, the study of forms. Since the first-year classes to the exhibition, we have come a long way, punctuated by model of study, by the learning of digitals, building and modeling tools. It’s this new adventure that tree students in second year of architecture will present to you.

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Point de chute

@ VOL 13 ON MAY 24, 2017

Caroline Molusson. "Throughout my artistic research, I try to make physical sensations and perceptions of space visible and sentient, to make the spectator wobble in his perception of reality. I put the spectator in a situation where he can feel physical sensations and have different perceptions of the body and of space. I perceive reality as a fragile gift, changing depending of how we look at it. It is this perception of reality that I want to set free through playing, experimenting. The result of these games and experimentations are what I want to show through my work."

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Force émotive et fictionnelle du portrait photographique

@ VOL 13 ON MAY 24, 2017

Yves Drillet." I am a portrait photographer and this Pecha Kucha has for ambition to convince you that this style is an art by himself. It’s working on our feelings and telling us a story. By mixing my pictures and the ones that touched me from other photographers I tried to put together a list of qualities to appreciate portraits. And eventually the purpose could be to put back utopia into the act of looking."

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@ VOL 13 ON MAY 24, 2017

Corentin Gilbert. "Mystérieuse, inanimée, elle est là, dans l’atente de l’amorce. Soudain, le récit se lance, la musique apparait progressivement et la structure prend vie. Réagissant aux compositons interprétées en direct, la
machine accompagne bientôt les univers travsersés avec des visuels en profondeur qui englobent et qui se confrontent au spectateur, devenant lui-même acteur de ce voyage collectf sur place. Le récit parcours en fligrane la performance, évoquant l’infni de l’univers , l’exploraton , la recherche et le dépassement de nousmême dans la conquête de l’inconnu."

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Jeu poétique

@ VOL 13 ON MAY 24, 2017

Marion Barraud. "Mon processus créatif à travers quelques astuces autour du jeu et de l’aléatoire."



Poster for PKN Nantes Vol. 12


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    Le collectif MARTINN, association pour la valorisation de la création contemporaine, porte le label PechaKucha pour la ville de Nantes depuis juillet 2011.