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Bruce Halliday

general manager, The Port Theatre society in Nanaimo

It’s Personal


Over the last 17 years as General Manager of the Port Theatre, Bruce Halliday has formed strong connections with artists, artist’s agents and the presenting network across B.C. and Canada. Bruce is very excited to be leading the Port Theatre team into a capital fundraising campaign to complete the community vision of a purpose built performing arts centre. With the support of The City of Nanaimo through City Council, The Port Theatre Society has been given a rare opportunity to make this dream a reality for our community.

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By Brightest Day, By Blackest Night: The Moral and Personal Guidance of Superheroes

@ VOL 3 ON JUN 06, 2014

Bill Cameron speaks about the way that superheroes can serve as a real and positive influence on people's lives, with a few famous examples and some personal anecdotes. In spite of their fictitious nature, superheroes can be a real source of personal strength and morals.

"Presentation of the Day" on August 13, 2014. 

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Personal Branding

@ VOL 13 ON MAR 23, 2016

Presenter Heather Hook discusses personal branding and increasing your self awareness through social media and marketing.

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It’s All a Blank Canvas

@ VOL 18 ON FEB 11, 2016

"How do I keep the creative fires burning as a grown-ass man, with taxes due and a bum knee."

In "It’s All a Blank Canvas" from PechaKucha Night Knoxville Vol. 18Chris McAdoo shares his creative journey to today, both personally and professionally…and what keeps the creative fires burning as age, responsibilities, and (at least to an extent) maturity, sneak up on a "grown-ass man." 

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Monday, June 6th 2016. 

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Which Superhero Are You? Discovering Your Personal Brand

@ VOL 9 ON NOV 29, 2016

Brad Dressler believes that every hero is different and so is every person. Everyone has a personal brand. He discusses personal brands and how your brand shapes perception of yourself.

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It’s a Test! The Power of Urban Prototyping

@ VOL 25 ON OCT 06, 2016

"We're showing citizens what they're buying before they write the final check."

In It’s a Test! The Power of Urban Prototyping from PechaKucha Night Pittsburgh Vol. 25, Landscape architect and urban designer Nina Chase talks about temporary fun, public space, and urban transformation. She shares the power of prototyping and the impact design have in the communication between public spaces, the city council and the community. 

This was "Presentation of the Day" on July 18th, 2017. 

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Your relationship isn’t hard, it’s abusive

@ VOL 34 ON JAN 30, 2018

How can you tell the difference between normal relationship challenges and dealing with a partner who is abusive? Abuse is not just physical—it can also be emotional, verbal, sexual, financial, and psychological. Learning about coercive control could be the first step to helping you or someone you love to break free from a destructive relationship.

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"It’s never going to work!”

@ VOL 4 ON MAY 31, 2018

That’s the answer I often get when I present my ideas to city councils. I like to inject a little craziness in our day to day lives to bring people together, and challenge the preconception that people in cities are too individualistic and closed off. Because time and time again, I have found that people from all walks of life and cultures are just waiting for opportunities to get together and connect. 

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It’s All Coming Up Lenore.

@ VOL 26 ON JUN 18, 2018

Some of us put stock in the concept of fate, while others think that life is nothing more than a series of coincidences. Regardless of one’s belief or lack thereof, in an invisible puppeteering outside force, what can happen if you pay attention to happenstance in your life and let it be the guide?

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It’s Ok To Sometimes Feed Your Kids Cereal For Dinner

@ VOL 37 ON DEC 13, 2018

Carli Dixon is the co-owner of The Brightside and co-owner of Freezeframe | Bloombeads flower preservation also located in this building. She has lived downtown ever since coming home from college, and currently lives in South Park with her husband and two kids. Her favorite recent quote is one from her son’s paper about the 1913 Dayton flood, in which he wrote “Many businesses had to shut down completely because of the damage. But some stayed very strong like the core values of Dayton. That’s what makes us very special. We are people who work for what we want, need and is right.”