Located on the coast of India, we take you to the star-studded heart of Bollywood, Mumbai, in this week's City Focus. From the dazzling stars in the sky to the stars of Bollywood, Mumbai is loaded to the brim with talent and brilliance that will surely reveal itself at PechaKucha Night Mumbai Vol. 12. After 11 amazing volumes since 2008, we are curious to see what Mumbai will yet again bring to the vivacious PechaKucha Global community. Keep shining, Mumbai!

This week's PechaKucha Poster Spotlight shines on the poster design for Mumbai's revival event, PechaKucha Night Mumbai Vol. 10. The stark contrast of pigments utilized in the design bring the semi-monochromatic illustration to life and tickle one's sense of wonder. Let creativity ooze from your mind and head on over to Mumbai's PechaKucha Night to meet other creatives like you!

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Tips for Presenters

PechaKucha is a special style of presentation that honors short, powerful messages. Having prepared thoroughly, you will confidently deliver a flawless address to a fully-engaged audience. Here are some tips to help you prepare an awesome 20x20 presentation.

Choose a topic you are passionate about and tell a story
A great way to start your presentation is to tell a compelling story. You may want to start with a personal anecdote or incorporate it into your presentation. Doing this will make your presentation more personal. Take the audience on a journey (albeit a short one) that has an intro, development, and conclusion. Think about how your story will combine with the images you've chosen to create a powerful message. Be sure to share with the audience why your presentation topic is important to you, and why they should care about it too.

Create an outline and focus on the main points you want to make
Once you settle on the topic, think about the main points you want to make about it. These will likely guide what your images will be. It's suggested that you write down the two key points you want to make for each slide and try to stick to that.

What do you want the audience to remember? 
If the audience could remember just one thing from your presentation, what would you want that to be? Once decided, your talking points and images will revolve around that theme.

Images. Images. Images.
Images are the key to an effective PechaKucha talk. Try to find images that are illustrations or metaphors of your key points and / or use words as image. This makes delivery of your presentation much easier, as you’re not trying to race through a list of points. It also makes your presentation more engaging. The images you choose should reinforce your ideas. Make sure your images are high quality and that you have permission to use them.

Hack the format!
If you want to go into depth on one particular slide and 20 seconds just won’t be enough, repeat the slide and add text or graphics to develop your points. Your information will then be on screen for 40 seconds, with small changes appearing midway through. This is a very graceful way to keep within the format but still go into depth.

Practice. Practice. Practice.
Practice delivering your presentation until it flows easily. Practice really makes the difference and it is okay to have notes. The best way to stave off nerves and build confidence for speaking in front of a group is to practice your presentation several times. I encourage speakers to practice short pieces like this at least 10 times. Having many rehearsals under your belt will allow you to be comfortable and have fun during your presentation!

PKN Mumbai Vol. 2

PechaKucha Night in Mumbai Vol. 3 was held just over a week ago, but we never got a look at July's Vol. 2, and so here are a few photos of the event that was, courtesy of organizer Kaiwan Mehta.


PKN Mumbai

PechaKucha Night in Mumbai has only been held twice so far -- Vol. 3 is set to happen at the end of this month (September 30) -- but it has already garnered some great coverage so far, in part thanks to the efforts of organizer Kaiwan Mehta (pictured above, from a piece in Time Out Mumbai).