Past Moscow Event: VOL 54

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VOL 54

April 10, 2019

[PechaKucha Night Moscow + Education Week] 

Education Week by Moscow International Education Fair 2019 is a series of open events discussing lifelong education.


• Dmitry Falaleev, founder of U Skillz educational project, co-founder of - “At last, you are not a leader, entrepreneur or manager, but a person. Why is it important?"

• Ilya Venyavkin, Soviet culture historian, director of educational programs at InLiberty - “Why everyone needs to argue about values at least once in their life”

• Anastasia Pogozheva, the founder of Level One project - “How to make a humanitarian education technological”

• Vladimir Dolgiy-Rapoport, the founder of the GirlPower football school for women - "Children, women, football"

• Ksenia Polouektova-Krimer, historian, cultural scientist, Holocaust researcher, teacher - “Progressive teacher and repressive environment: who will win?”

• Natalia Chebotar, strategy director, “Yandex. Uchebnik” - “How teaching becomes a science”

• Ivan Bogantsev, Director of the European Gymnasium - “How to make a school a spaceship”

• Liza Zagaynaya, a member of the Young Art Critics Club of the Pushkin Museum and the annual action “I will show you the museum” - “How to become friends with Michelandgelo”

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