Let the fun begin

I found Pechakucha years ago but one thing after another got in the way and my opportunites to attend and host have alluded me. 

Now for whatever reason, it feels good to be able to take up this challenge this year. 

I have lots of anxieties about this as well as excitiment, will I get enough people to present? what if its only my hubby and the local cat as attendees? what if i cant find a regular venue? what if what if what?   I do have to put into practice now that well known moto "if you dont ask you dont get". 

As I write this I am setting up the logistics before I can go wild and advertise, Facebook - Check, Twitter - Check, Pechakucha Milton Keynes page set - almost complete .. a little more info needed. 

arghhhhhhhhhhh I'm so excited !!