Past Manchester Event: VOL 26

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VOL 26

February 28, 2019
@ The Whitworth



PechaKucha Night Manchester Vol. 26 - 'Rejection!'

Welcome to our first event of 2019! Grab a ticket and listen to ten brilliant stories from Manchester's top creatives. As usual, our speakers have all kindly given up their time to take on the PechaKucha challenge: to present on a topic using 20 images, with only 20 seconds per image. No stopping.

For this PechaKucha, we're exploring the theme of 'rejection'. Our speakers will be taking about rejecting, being rejected and dealing with a society that is often quick to reject. It promises to be a fasctinating and thought-provoking evening.

And what better place to explore this than at The Whitworth Art Gallery where we'll be in their beautiful Grand Hall space. You don't want to miss it! 

As usual, we'll be running workshops with Elaborate plus more!




On the Night

The doors open at 19:00 and the talks start at 19:30. We'll have a beer break for 30 minutes just after 20:15. The talks should be finished by 21:30 where you'll have a chance to mingle afterwards.



Thanks as ever to our paper sponsors, G . F Smith.


About The Whitworth

From The Whitworth website:

Founded in 1889 as the first English gallery in a park, the Whitworth has been transformed by a £15 million development. This is a gallery whose visitor numbers have climbed spectacularly in the past five years, whose contemporary exhibitions programmes have given new life to international collections, and whose risk-taking curatorial team has gained global attention.

Part of the University of Manchester, the Whitworth is a gallery that is a place of research and academic collaboration, and whose education and learning teams have generated new approaches to working with non-traditional arts audiences.

Yet despite its ambition and change, the Whitworth is also a gallery that has retained a sense of the personal, the intimate and the playful. It is a place that its visitors love, and feel that they own. For them and for us, the Whitworth is simply the gallery in the park, one of the most remarkable galleries in the north.

Find out more about the Whitworth. Read some of our history, see who works here or find out what’s on.


About PechaKucha Night Manchester

PechaKucha Night Manchester was relaunched in June 2016 by a new team after an eighteen month hiatus.

This is our eleventh PechaKucha following a string of successful events. We are indebted to the support of Manchester’s creative scene coming along as speakers and audience members as well as our previous hosts, SpacePortX, Ziferblat, The Wonder Inn, Neo, the Rapha Clubhouse, PLANT, Texture, the International Anthony Burgess Foundation, the Bright Building, the Fairfield Social Club (twice) and Colony. Most importantly, thank YOU for keeping us going!

PechaKucha Nights will continue take place every three months at venues across Manchester. Our mission is to feature a high calibre of creatives, designers, artists and community projects from the city and the North.

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Kyle Soo
Lawyer in Manchester
Jane Bowyer
Graphic Designer and Illustrator in Manchester
Rita Cervetto
Designer, Common Good in Manchester
Lauren Coulman
Founder, Noisy Cricket in Manchester
Ben Tallon
Illustrator, Author and Host of the Arrest All Mimics podcast in Manchester
Carma Masson
Owner, Playground in Manchester
Charlie Butterwick
Architect, architecture:unknown in Manchester
Daniel Kelso
Architect, architecture:unknown in Manchester
Danielle Molyneux
Graphic designer and Founder, Studio Dotto in Manchester
Adam Griffiths
Designer, self publisher, curator and lecturer in Manchester
Louise Howells
Co-founder, Riot & Rebel in Manchester