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We haven't scheduled our next PechaKucha Night yet, but in the meantime you can watch some presentations, look at our map to see if there are any scheduled PKNs in nearby cities, or have a look at the long list of upcoming events, to see if there's one you can attend!


Featured Presentation

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Scott Midson

Postdoctoral Research Associate, The Lincoln Theological Institute in Manchester

Dr. Scott Midson is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at The Lincoln Theological Institute. He is the lead researcher on ‘Living with and Loving Machines’. This project brings together questions about how we understand humans and technologies in their relationships, and seeks to encourage an alternative way of reflecting on these using the theological notion of ‘love’.

In this talk he explores how theological and religious ideas shape how we ineract, and even love, robots.

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"Androids dream of real sheep" (or more boringly)  "The implications of the things we make"

@ VOL 23 ON AUG 02, 2018

Empathy is a fundamental part of our human experience but the technology we build and design is at odds with that. So what is empathy, where does it come from and what can we learn from it?

Let’s talk about what it means to be an empathetic being, the effect technology is having on our ability empathise with each other and what we can do to understand each other better, communicate and design more ethical ‘things’ that help people be people.

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#foundfiction - The Guerrilla Publishing Experiment Connecting Readers and Writers Across the World

@ VOL 23 ON AUG 02, 2018

Print off a short story, put it in an envelope marked 'READ ME' and leave it somewhere random to be found. The idea behind #foundfiction is simple but powerful, and it's inspired readers and writers across the world since launching in 2014. Here, founder Steve Clarkson talks about the origins of the project, how it quickly gained a dedicated following, and what the future holds.

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Get Your Hopes Up

@ VOL 23 ON AUG 02, 2018

Born storyteller, proud Northerner and stop motion animator; Designasaur started drawing from the minute that she learned to hold a pencil and never quite found the desire to put it down. Today, she makes films that would appeal to her five year old self and together, they make a great team. 

In this presentation, Designasaur (aka Lisa Kenney) talks about getting your hopes up, getting knocked back and carrying on regardless.


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Warning, This Course WILL Change Your Life

@ VOL 19 ON SEP 28, 2017

Listen to an engaging and inspirational journey from Duncan Craig, a psychotherapist and the Chief Executive of Survivors Manchester.

Survivors Manchester is a Greater Manchester based charity offering therapeutic and advocacy support to boys and men affected by sexual abuse, rape, and sexual exploitation. Duncan started the charity in 2009, when he identified a gap in support provision for boys and men, and continues to develop new services today, most recently across the male prison estate.

As a qualified accredited trauma-informed psychotherapist, Duncan’s personal and professional experience of sexual violation has presented him with the opportunity to be involved in a number of national inquiries, projects and forums, including The Stern Review; the National Rape Working Group; and the Office of the Children’s Commissioner on the Child Sexual Exploitation in Groups and Gangs.


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How to Make a Paper Frog

@ VOL 21 ON MAR 01, 2018

Using none of the wisdom learned over ten years in the design industry, Ben Clark will teach you how to make a jumping paper frog in 20 ribbeting slides. 

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Chemical Connections

@ VOL 21 ON MAR 01, 2018

Beth Taylor asks:

How do parents form bonds with their children?

Why on earth do women go through childbirth more than once?

Why is it more common for women to want to cuddle after sex than men?

How can I make other people give me their money?

How can I make people trust me more?

Why does my mum love the dog more than me?

When can I legally play with a woman’s nipples?

If you want to know the answers to any of these age old questions, and more, watch this talk!

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Making friends and growing beards

@ VOL 21 ON MAR 01, 2018

For some of us, meeting new people sucks. Small talk. Struggling for shared interests. Forgetting names. But when we share our stories, we can connect on an emotional level. And that's where the fun begins. Chris Tomlin talks about telling stories, making friends and growing beards.  

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New Horrorshow Rabbit

@ VOL 21 ON MAR 01, 2018

Why swap a career in bookselling for a life of moloko, ultraviolence and a bit of the old in-out in-out? Writer and performer Fat Roland long felt a connection to the works of Anthony Burgess and A Clockwork Orange. This is the story of how a former bookseller found a horrorshow (good) rabbit (job) at the International Anthony Burgess Foundation, the famous author’s estate, archive and event space based in a converted Victorian Manchester mill.



PechaKucha Night Manchester Vol. 22 - 'Magazines + Zines'

PechaKucha Night Manchester Vol. 22 - 'Magazines + Zines'
Welcome to our second PechaKucha of 2018! This time we're celebrating Manchester's awesome magazine zine scene with a variety of speakers all taking the PechaKucha challenge: 20 images, 20 seconds per image, no stopping. 
We'll be at the Bright Building, a new space right in the middle of Manchester Science Park. It's our biggest space yet which means we can put on some exciting activities like zine-making with Tender Hands Press and live poster printing with Marc the Printers. We'll also be running a zine exhibition with Saffa Khan and a magazine stall with our friends at Rare Mags

On the Night
The doors open at 19:00 and the talks start at 19:30. We'll have a beer break just after 20:15. The talks should be finished by 21:30 where you'll have a chance to mingle afterwards.  
We will be releasing tickets for the zine-making workshop separately a little closer to the event. It will be free, but there will be limited spaces.
During the night, you will be able to contribute to a poster which we will be live printing for distribution at the end of the evening!
You'll also be able to peruse Saffa Khan's zine collection and purchase some of the latest and greatest magazines from Rare Mags, so bring some extra cash. 
Thanks as ever to our paper sponsors, G . F Smith
About the Bright Building 
The Bright Building is Manchester Science Park's newest, state-of-the-art workspace. It's designed to bring people together to connect, collaborate and share ideas. A perfect place for PechaKucha! 
About PechaKucha Night Manchester
PechaKucha Night Manchester was relaunched in June 2016 by a new team after an eighteen month hiatus. 
This is our ninth PechaKucha following a string of successful events. We are indebted to the support of Manchester’s creative scene coming along as speakers and audience members as well as our previous hosts, SpacePortX, Ziferblat, The Wonder Inn, Neo, the Rapha Clubhouse, PLANT, Texture and the International Anthony Burgess Foundation. Most importantly, thank YOU for keeping us going! 
PechaKucha Nights will continue take place every three months at venues across Manchester. Our mission is to feature a high calibre of creatives, designers, artists and community projects from the city and the North. 
If you want to know more:

  • Watch our previous talks: YouTube

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