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This City is Open - Sign Up

If you think you have what it takes run PechaKucha Nights in your city, apply to become the official organizer! Join the celebration of creativity by becoming part of our global network of volunteers and put your city's creative talent and hidden heroes on the world stage!

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Light Is More

@ VOL 1 ON JUN 28, 2012

Susanna Cots is an internationally renowned interior designer from Barcelona who, in her presentation, explains the importance of invisible elements in a good design. (in Catalán)

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Hand-made Jewelry

@ VOL 1 ON JUN 28, 2012

Pep Joan Tugores is a local jewelry handcrafter. In his presentation, he talks about how he learned to make hand-made jewelry, and then shares a few of his recent projects. (in Spanish)



PKN Poster Spotlight: Palma de Mallorca

PechaKucha Night Palma de Mallorca is cradling the award for this week's PechaKucha Poster Spotlight. This poster captures an absolutely beautiful piece of street art of a mother tenderly holding a baby. And just like a mother caring for her newborn child, PKN Palma de Mallocra is caring for a baby of its own as they are ready to host their very first PechaKucha event! We know that Palma de Mallocra is prepared for this brand new generation of creativity and we're so excited to see what kind of presentations will be birthed from this event!
Poster Design by Joan Aguiló.
Looking for more inspiration? Check out our Instagram and Tumblr for more posters!

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