Past Madison, WI Event: VOL 14

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Work Life Balance of a Baby Boomer

@ VOL 14 ON AUG 27, 2015

Joe Boucher and his wife started their law careers simultaneously, raised a family together and somehow figured out how to balance it all. Joe will talk about how he made this balance a life priority.

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Don’t Own a Chicken if You’re Allergic to Eggs (and other ways to stop sabotaging your sanity)

@ VOL 14 ON AUG 27, 2015

Why do you agree to meaningless tasks that take up valuable time, cause stress, and accomplish little? You’re spreading yourself too thin and you’ll be burned out in 10 years (or less). Focus on yourself first; life balance will follow.

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The Rewards of Imbalance

@ VOL 14 ON AUG 27, 2015

"I oversubscribe on life. I do more than I can do. And it's exactly the way I want it."

In The Rewards of Imbalance from PechaKucha Night Madison Vol. 14. Greg Tracy tries to convince us that doing more than we think we can do and sprinkling a little bit of chaos on top, will give us a rewarding life. He discusses life's multiple fulcrums and how embracing this ideology gives us the ability to cope with the failure and hard parts of life. Steering directly into those parts is where all the juicy and rewarding moments are.

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My Life: The Balancing Act

@ VOL 14 ON AUG 27, 2015

A quick examination of how Lane Manning and his family maintain a work-life balance through the ever changing litany of individual schedules, school, activities, work, family obligations, etc. He will explain "TRY, ADJUST, COLLABORATE and EXECUTE," which are the steps he uses to continually remind himself to always strive for balance.

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At the End of the Gravel Road (lessons learned about the importance and necessity of a well-balanced, vibrant life)

@ VOL 14 ON AUG 27, 2015

The farm at the end of the “gravel road” where Michelle grew up taught her a lot, and still is. Traveling back home to the farm allows her to walk that road and reflect on her journey. Dr. Michelle McGrath will share her story about what the gravel road taught her about balance and success.

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Shift, Shed & Shine…Being Balanced in Times of Change

@ VOL 14 ON AUG 27, 2015

Change is more a part of our everyday reality than it ever was. With blink-of-an-eye communications, workplace pressures, and personal challenges  – we are running at breakneck speeds – too often, out of balance. Susan Young helps bring it all into focus with excerpts from her new book, Shift, Shed & Shine.

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Life Balance – Living Joyfully

@ VOL 14 ON AUG 27, 2015

Renee was a bi-racial military kid who lived on three continents before the age of 8. She was driven to achieve, prove herself, and find belonging. She examined priorities, aligned activities and found mindfulness.

Joe Boucher
in Madison, WI
Greg Tracy
Propeller Health
Rachel Frederick
Technical Writer, Electronic Theatre Controls in Sun Prairie
Susan Young
Author, Keynote Speaker, Leadership Development Trainer, Susan Young International, LLC in Fitchburg