Past Maastricht Event: VOL 39

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Starting a culture of waste recycling in Nigeria

@ VOL 39 ON MAY 02, 2019

Jude Feranmi Kolawole Adejuwon has taken time from his political career in Nigeria to study as a master's student at Maastricht University and UNU-MERIT. In this PechaKucha presentation, Jude talks about the culture of waste that has taken hold in Nigeria and the economic costs that have come along with it.

Jude presents a few bottoms-up recycling initiatives that are taking action to change it.

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Protecting our coral reefs

@ VOL 39 ON MAY 02, 2019

Growing up in Curacao, Priyanka Rohera has worked closely with the vibrant coral reefs surrounding the beautiful island. While her dives were once a great source of beauty and adventure, climate change has led to the destruction of the reefs she once loved.

In this presentation, Priyanka talks about her work as a restoration diver and the importance of nursery reefs in preserving our underwater habitats.

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Sustainable agriculture in Slovakia

@ VOL 39 ON MAY 02, 2019

How can better utilize the land we have to feed more people?

Coming from the Slovakian countryside, Zoltan Marczell has always dreamed of creating a practice of sustainable agriculture in his home nation of Slovakia.

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Becoming a part-time vegan

@ VOL 39 ON MAY 02, 2019

Have you ever thought about becoming a vegan, but aren't sure if you could live the rest of your life without cheese, milk chocolate, and bacon-burgers? Then listen to what Amy Namur has to say about the benefits of part-time veganism, and how it can help you impact not only your own body but also the world.

Through this personal experience with part-time veganism, Amy wants to show you how you can personally combat climate change by taking up this one month challenge.

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How to incorporate greener living spaces in urban communities

@ VOL 39 ON MAY 02, 2019

As a community advocate in his home town in Colorado, Andrew Oringer has often actively promoted the inclusion of green spaces in towns and cities in and around his state. So what does it mean to live in a green community? How can we make sustainability a focus in our urban planning?

Andrew wants to inspire us to rethink about we can do in our fast-paced modern lives to slow down and enjoy the benefit of each other’s ideas while having a less negative impact on the environment.

Jude Adejuwon
Policy Entrepreneur in Maastricht
Priyanka Rohera
Student, UNU-MERIT in Maastricht
Zoltán Marczell
President of Student Association, UNU-MERIT in Horné Myto
Amy Namur
Research Assistant / Student, Maastricht University in Maastricht