Past Maastricht Event: VOL 38

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How Not to Get Lost in Mental Space

@ VOL 38 ON APR 12, 2019

Arie Van Der Lugt argues that all thinking is abstract and that in every categorisation, you not only win something but you also lose something. He warns against getting lost in abstractions, in stereotyping or in nonsensical reductions. Arie provides us with useful thinking tools for not getting lost in mental space and for becoming less exclusive in our thinking!

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The Greatest Thing About Being a Flight Attendant

@ VOL 38 ON APR 12, 2019

Malgorzata Wilson decided to help people becoming cabin crew when she realised how many are dreaming about this job and that only a few get it. This led her to create a training business where she helps others to pursue an international aviation career.

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The Overview Effect

@ VOL 38 ON APR 12, 2019

Mischa Horninge works at the Columbus Earth center. The center is one of the first large scale initiatives to present the overview effect - the view of the Earth from the orbit or the moon - to visitors. Many astronauts and cosmonauts have reported that something happens to you out there, a shift in world view that is profound and long-lasting. If we saw the earth in the way astronauts do, maybe we would treat the earth differently? Is this the medicine that comes just in time to stir us into action, loving and protecting our planet?

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Lost in Space Together

@ VOL 38 ON APR 12, 2019

Francis DeBenedictis is interested in integrating new technologies and "crazy" ideas from science fiction into research. He believes that dreaming big can improve human health.

Frank is doing his Master's studies in Molecular Medicine at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and currently working as a research intern at Maastricht University.

Francis DeBenedictis
Molecular Medicine Researcher, NTNU / Maastricht University in Maastricht
Arie Van Der Lugt
Senior lecturer, Maastricht University in Maastricht
Malgorzata Wilson
Flight Attendant, Lufthansa
Mischa Horninge
Product manager Columbus earth center, Stichting Museumplein Limburg in Kerkrade