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12 APR


We will host our next event at The Student Hotel Maastricht during MuseumNacht Maastricht on Friday 12 April 2019. Stay tuned!


Featured Presentation

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Ibrahima Kaba

in Maastricht

As a young African and as a researcher, Ibrahima Sory Kaba sees himself confronted with negative headlines and doomed perspectives about his continent almost on a daily basis.

He wants to engage conversations about helping debunk some of the long-lasting myths and cliches about Africa and sharing a truer and fairer picture of Africa that is neither naive nor apocalyptic. 

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The Organoid Factory

@ VOL 37 ON JAN 23, 2019

The nanobiologist and university professor Peter Peters tells us about a completely new method to cure cancer. He and his team at Maastricht University will make massively tiny organs (or organoids) from healthy and malignant cells and test them on different drugs to find the best drug cocktail for the cancer patient.

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The Power of Choice

@ VOL 37 ON JAN 23, 2019

Mary Wanjiku Gichuhi who is an international speaker. She shares her experience, lessons learnt as well as practical tools that she has used herself to overcome adversities that will for sure help anyone going through tough times.

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How I Conquered Glossophobia

@ VOL 37 ON JAN 23, 2019

Have you ever heard of glossophobia? Our team member Stella Thomassen used to suffer from glossophobia - until something made her take all actions to overcome this fear. In this presentation, Stella tells us how she conquered her fear of public speaking.

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How Compassion Healed Me

@ VOL 37 ON JAN 23, 2019

Losing her first daughter shortly before she was born was a life-changing event for Oana Cipca. Now she wants to inspire other people to reach their goals by feeling compassion for others in need and tell them how that helped to heal the traumas in her own life.

Oana Cipca runs a successful foundation helping now almost 100 orphans in Romania to discover and develop their own talents, aiming to give them a purpose in life that helps them choose the positive path in their lives and become World’s future leaders, doctors, researchers, and much more.

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T-Rex versus Modern Society

@ VOL 36 ON JUN 19, 2018

Renaat Toppets speaks about the T-Rex that we frequently see in front of us and how a personal story made him realize that you never know the whole story behind what happens.

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Do you feel at home in Maastricht?

@ VOL 36 ON JUN 19, 2018

Why do highly-skilled individuals come to the Maastricht region? Why do they want to stay? Or why do they plan to leave again? And how can we make the Euregio Meuse-Rhine more attractive for them? 

These are some of the questions that Julia Reinold tackles in her PhD research at Maastricht University. She also is a true child of this region herself: Julia grew up in the German part of the Euroregion, studied at Maastricht University and is now working there as a researcher. 

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A World Apart: My Experience in Ghana

@ VOL 36 ON JUN 19, 2018

Maria Tomai just came back from a six-week stay in Ghana where she researched the topic of solid waste management. Apart from her research, there were many insights that she gained during her stay about the value of personal relationships.

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Here's how Manchester United can fight malaria... for free!

@ VOL 36 ON JUN 19, 2018

Everybody who has been to a malaria region has slept under a mosquito net. Mosquito nets have saved more than six million lives over the past 15 years. However with the decrease in cases of malaria, people have started finding other uses for their mosquito nets; fishing, for example. Bart Knols has been working on ways to reverse this trend by making mosquito bed nets more attractive. This is where Manchester United comes in. 



Thank You and Best Wishes for 2019!

As the year 2018 is coming to an end, we would like to take a moment to thank everyone who makes the PechaKucha Nights in Maastricht what they are. This means a big thank you to everyone who attended or spoke at a PechaKucha Night!
We look back to a year with three successful events at three locations - Brasserie Tapijn in January, Maastricht School of Management in March and Lumière Cinema in June - and with a total of 33 speakers.
We will start 2019 with PechaKucha Maastricht Vol. 37 on January 23 at Brasserie Tapijn and look forward to seeing you there!
We wish you a great New Year full of creative vibes!!
Your PechaKucha Team Maastricht
Aisling, Alice, Charlotte, Maria, ElizaMaree, Nathan, Stella & Sueli

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About the City's Organizers

  • Sueli Brodin

    Born in Brazil from a Japanese/Brazilian mother and a French father, I grew up in Pakistan, Japan and France. After completing a bachelor's degree in English literature, I won a one-year scholarship to study at Rutgers University, New Jersey. I met my Dutch husband in Israel and we have been living in Maastricht, the Netherlands, since April 1994. We have three children, one cat, three tortoises, five ducks, two aquariums and 16 chickens including a Cosmpolitan Mechelse Wyandotte chicken. I work as an Editor/ Communications Officer at United Nations University-MERIT / Maastricht University and a freelance editor at Maastricht School of Management. I joined the team of PechaKucha Maastricht in December 2009 and am very happy to be part of the global PechaKucha community. Watch my video portrait at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiL4oRFfUYM

  • Stella Thomassen

    My name is Stella Thomassen and I am a research assistant at Maastricht University. Almost my whole life I suffered from glossophobia, the fear of public speaking. In my presentation I will share my story and insights on how i conquered this fear. I want to inspire everybody to let this fear behind and step into the light. Only then can you live your life to its fullest potential.

  • Charlotte Mueller

    Charlotte is a passionate traveler & migration-research enthusiast. She has backpacked through many Latin American countries and is now gaining new experiences during work-related field trips in different African countries. She was born in Munich (Germany), but she also lived in Hungary and Ecuador for some time before moving to Maastricht in 2015.

  • ElizaMaree Power

    ElizaMaree was born and raised in Sydney and lived quite some time in London before landing in her mother’s home town of Maastricht where she is now based. Both in her professional and private lives she welcomes opportunities to work on projects where she is able to employ her communicative, creative and commercial talents. As her name quite succinctly says, her aim is to empower people, projects and thought processes, to drive change by engaging professional and personal branding, online presence and communication style. In this way enabling others to shape their dreams and achieve their goals and ambitions.

  • Mariia Kirichenko

    Having lived in Russia, USA, Argentina, Spain and the Netherlands, I became a strong believer that our home is the whole world and our possibilities are infinite if we are open to them. I believe that in our ever-changing world, the focus should be on a journey of self-discovery where each day one should embrace change and dare to take risks while having integrity as a core value.

  • Nathan Guillaume

    I think we are all on the same ship and that we should aim for truth, beauty and goodness. I love to explore things, find solutions, share visions, get inspired by and see enterprises that make us go in this direction.... Pechakucha is the perfect mean for that! And even more when it happens in the middle of a beautiful city as Maastricht :)

  • Aisling Tiernan

    Dia dhuit! I’m Aisling - I am passionate about different cultures and customs and curious to learn about people and the world. I like to travel to explore new places, meeting new faces and getting to know people through their stories. Storytelling being a key aspect of Irish folklore and my heritage of which I hope to bring to PechaKucha! I work at Maastricht University in International Relations where much of our activities involve promoting international education, international collaboration and exchange. I am interested in how the world works and believe that collaboration and dialogue is key at the many (socio-political-economic) levels. I joined the Pechakucha team as I think it is a great platform to share stories, ideas and connect people in a fun and innovative way in our Maastricht community.