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24 OCT


PechaKucha is back in an extraordinary setting, surrounded by the 2000 year-old stones of a roman temple! Join us for this inspirational night in the basement of Derlon on Thurday 24 October 2019!

PechaKucha Maastricht Vol. 41 will feature speakers from different fields who will present you their stories and passions in the 20x20 PechaKucha format.

For more information, contact the PechaKucha team at pechakuchamaastricht@gmail.com


Featured Presentation

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Mischa Horninge

Product manager Columbus earth center, Stichting Museumplein Limburg in Kerkrade

Mischa Horninge works at the Columbus Earth center. The center is one of the first large scale initiatives to present the overview effect - the view of the Earth from the orbit or the moon - to visitors. Many astronauts and cosmonauts have reported that something happens to you out there, a shift in world view that is profound and long-lasting. If we saw the earth in the way astronauts do, maybe we would treat the earth differently? Is this the medicine that comes just in time to stir us into action, loving and protecting our planet?

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Feminism and Equity! What are the real issues?

@ VOL 40 ON MAY 10, 2019

Jennifer Azih addresses general misconceptions about feminism, female genital mutilation, gender-based violence, rape, child marriage, and girl child deprivation of education.

Many people are afraid to be called feminists or even associated with it. This is because the topic has been politicized and many people do not even understand its true meaning.

As a woman, Jennifer would like to educate people on the real issues of feminism that are constantly being neglected.

She thinks that it is important to change people’s perspective and stimulate real support to the feminist movement.

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Smile.. Tomorrow will be worse!!

@ VOL 40 ON MAY 10, 2019

Murphy's Law states that “if something can go wrong, it will".

In this presentation, Suraj Samal shares personal experiences which show how his life has been strongly affected by Murphy's Law since he was a child.

He believes that anything is possible if we are determined in life. Suraj’s motto is ''rise and rise again until lambs become lions''.

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Cyberbullying.. WTH?

@ VOL 40 ON MAY 10, 2019

Aneesha Singh talks about cyberbullying and the negative impact that it can have on people and large social communities. Aneesha has been a witness and an unfortunate victim of cyberbullying, and for this reason, she is willing to help in any way to fight against it.

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Creative Sagacity

@ VOL 40 ON MAY 10, 2019

Based on his personal experience, Parth Chauhan highlights the importance of creativity in both professional and personal life, and how it connects to every industry in the world.

He also shares some tips, techniques and life hacks that can help everyone to improve their creativity.

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Saving a dollar makes a difference to conserve nature for future generations

@ VOL 40 ON MAY 10, 2019

Alice Drazuru was born and raised in a rural village in Uganda where there was no other alternative source of energy than firewood and charcoal. She witnessed deforestation and depletion of forest reserves.

In 2017, she participated in a nature walk and gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park Uganda. Alice shared her experience with the executive team of a local fitness. Together, they mobilized 70 people to participate in a nature walk at Mabira forest conservation Centre Uganda in 2018. Besides this, the club decided to participate in nature walks every quarter of the year as way to contribute to nature conservation.

Alice is passionate about conserving nature and she believes that saving a dollar makes a difference in this matter.


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Simplification through Automation

@ VOL 40 ON MAY 10, 2019

In the times when doing repeated tasks can affect productivity and time management, automation can be used to simplify and accomplish tasks faster.

Namrata Mahesh Kumar shares her experience in the software industry, where she learnt how things can be simplified in daily life with minimum software skills.

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@ VOL 40 ON MAY 10, 2019

Ade shares her experience about how to live to the fullest by overcoming fears and making your dreams come true.

She defines herself as a dreamer who lives her dreams. Ade thinks that we should believe in ourselves and make life memorable.

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How to incorporate greener living spaces in urban communities

@ VOL 39 ON MAY 02, 2019

As a community advocate in his home town in Colorado, Andrew Oringer has often actively promoted the inclusion of green spaces in towns and cities in and around his state. So what does it mean to live in a green community? How can we make sustainability a focus in our urban planning?

Andrew wants to inspire us to rethink about we can do in our fast-paced modern lives to slow down and enjoy the benefit of each other’s ideas while having a less negative impact on the environment.



MSM students deliver 40th PechaKucha event in Maastricht

This year seven MBA and Master in Management students took part in the annual PechaKucha event at Maastricht School of Management. They were joined by Oliver Olson who closed the evening with an outstanding PechaKucha improvisation on random slides on a topic chosen selected by the audience. The topic was – If you had to create a country from scratch, what would it look
The annual MSM PechaKucha event is a highlight of the year and has become fully integrated into the full-time MBA and Master in Management program. This year again, thanks to the close collaboration with PechaKucha Maastricht, all interested students received a thorough preparation for the event. They first followed a PechaKucha workshop to get acquainted with the special PechaKucha presentation concept of telling a story by using only 20 slides and speaking only 20 seconds per slide. Then they were invited to present and discuss their topic ideas with staff and PechaKucha team members, and finally they were given two possibilities to rehearse and receive feedback on their respective presentation.Thanks to this careful preparation, the quality of the presentations was particularly high and the audience was impressed by the speaking and presentation skills of the presenters. As for the topics of the presentations, it was once again striking to see that many of them touched upon serious and urgent issues such as climate change and gender equality. But also very personal and intimate topics were covered such as, how it is like to live with a critical heart condition or to overcome the scars of cyberbullying. Several presentations fully engaged the audience and ended with calls to action. Others took on a more philosophical approach to life, wisdom and fulfillment throughout diversity and connections.The students put a lot of time and effort in choosing powerful images to illustrate their message and said that they appreciated the value of doing a presentation by speaking and interacting with the audience instead of reading slides.It was an evening full of intense emotions, from nervousness to joy, from indignation to hope, from seriousness to humor, from delight to admiration.The cherry on the cake of the evening was the special greetings from the PechaKucha founders and team in Tokyo, who sent a special video recorded message to celebrate the 40th volume of PechaKucha Maastricht. The video made everyone in the room feel part of the global PechaKucha community of 1047 cities all around the world.

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About the City's Organizers

  • Sueli Brodin

    Born in Brazil from a Japanese/Brazilian mother and a French father, I grew up in Pakistan, Japan and France. After completing a bachelor's degree in English literature, I won a one-year scholarship to study at Rutgers University, New Jersey. I met my Dutch husband in Israel and we have been living in Maastricht, the Netherlands, since April 1994. We have three children, one cat, three tortoises, five ducks, two aquariums and 16 chickens including a Cosmpolitan Mechelse Wyandotte chicken. I work as an Editor/ Communications Officer at United Nations University-MERIT / Maastricht University and a freelance editor at Maastricht School of Management. I joined the team of PechaKucha Maastricht in December 2009 and am very happy to be part of the global PechaKucha community. Watch my video portrait at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiL4oRFfUYM

  • Stella Thomassen

    My name is Stella Thomassen and I am a research assistant at Maastricht University. Almost my whole life I suffered from glossophobia, the fear of public speaking. In my presentation I will share my story and insights on how i conquered this fear. I want to inspire everybody to let this fear behind and step into the light. Only then can you live your life to its fullest potential.

  • Charlotte Mueller

    Charlotte is a passionate traveler & migration-research enthusiast. She has backpacked through many Latin American countries and is now gaining new experiences during work-related field trips in different African countries. She was born in Munich (Germany), but she also lived in Hungary and Ecuador for some time before moving to Maastricht in 2015.

  • ElizaMaree Power

    ElizaMaree was born and raised in Sydney and lived quite some time in London before landing in her mother’s home town of Maastricht where she is now based. Both in her professional and private lives she welcomes opportunities to work on projects where she is able to employ her communicative, creative and commercial talents. As her name quite succinctly says, her aim is to empower people, projects and thought processes, to drive change by engaging professional and personal branding, online presence and communication style. In this way enabling others to shape their dreams and achieve their goals and ambitions.

  • Mariia Kirichenko

    Having lived in Russia, USA, Argentina, Spain and the Netherlands, I became a strong believer that our home is the whole world and our possibilities are infinite if we are open to them. I believe that in our ever-changing world, the focus should be on a journey of self-discovery where each day one should embrace change and dare to take risks while having integrity as a core value.

  • Nathan Guillaume

    I think we are all on the same ship and that we should aim for truth, beauty and goodness. I love to explore things, find solutions, share visions, get inspired by and see enterprises that make us go in this direction.... Pechakucha is the perfect mean for that! And even more when it happens in the middle of a beautiful city as Maastricht :)