Past Louisville Event: VOL 16

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VOL 16

June 25, 2015
@ ReSurfaced: A Pop-up Plaza on Main

ReSurfaced is reopening again for the month of June and PechaKucha returns on Thursday, June 25th. The event will focus on the great local festivals and the people that make them happen.

There is a cash bar, Eiderdown is the featured restaurant, and music by DJ Deuce!

ReSurfaced opens at 5:00 pm, presentations begin at 9:00 pm.

Edgardo Mansilla
Executive Director, Americana Community Center in Louisville
Carrie Neumayer
Illustrator, Musician, and Educator, Louisville Outskirts Festival in Louisville
Bob Muntis
Student, The Cardshirt Company in Louisville
Shawn Steele
Founder/Partner, Seven Sense Festival in Louisville
Will Ford
Co-Creator, Outsized Influence Festival in Louisville
Mike Berry
President/CEO, Kentucky Derby Festival, Inc. in Louisville
Rachel Firkins
Picnic Coordinator/IT Director, St. Joseph Children's Home in Louisville
Ina Miller
Event Planner, InaMarcellaEvents in Louisville
Dayna Neumann
Cofounder, Execuity in Louisville