Hi there!

We are super excited to announce the next PechaKucha Night on 15 May 2019.

We have an awesome line up of speakers coming to speak about "anything and everything!" - the breadth of topics we know you PechaKucha lovers are dead into!

This time we are hosting the event at We Work Fox Court - chuck this postcode into CityMapper and you will see it is a great central location WC1X 8HN. As always beer will be flowing (FREE as the flow will be coming straight from the lovely We Work hosts!).

This time around we have the following speakers lined up (more to come!)

Nathan Ardaiz / Nathan runs Almost Any How (almostanyhow.com) / Nathan facilitates teams to reflect and feedback more regularly, communicate more empathically and design more collaboratively. Nathan believes that design and the things people are manifesting in the world cannot be distinct from (human) nature and the complexities of our emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual worlds. @almostanyhow_ / nathan@almostanyhow.com

Anya Marco Harris / Anya Marco Harris is the UK coffee queen helping organise the much loved London Coffee Festival / She is also a burlesque dancer and felt flower designer. She recently completed her MA in cultural cosmology specialising in archeoastronomy and discovered how the Neolithic chose to place the stones in Avebury Stone Circle. She’s a blogger (who isn’t) and is going through the menopause (possibly dangerous).

Karen Mannion / Nutritional therapist and mindset coach / Karen's puts in the hard yards to help busy working women take charge of their life and health through nutrition and coaching - give us some that please Karen!

Scott McArthur / Speaker, writer and mentor / Scott a scientist, Hr professional, business consultant turned musical producer and founder and definitely has some stories to share / http://www.scottspeaks.me/

Lucy Pickford / Co-Director at OLGA Agency / As a new director at OLGA Agency, a Hackney-based, boutique agency, Lucy’s keen to shout about design to anyone who’ll listen. Her journey has taken her via Landscape Architecture, Ops Management in the cutting edge tech world and some hitchhiking and working in Japan all with an Art History MA thrown in. While it’s not what you’d call a standard route, it’s left her with a swiss army knife of skills and a thorough understanding of the importance of design in every aspect of life / https://www.olgaagency.com/

Louise Holstein / Founder Mike's Table, Directer Uncharted Wines / Louise founded non-profit CIC (Community Interest Company) Mike's Table in 2015 and her positive experience of the social enterprise community inspired her to bring some of these principles into her commercial company Uncharted Wines. She'll talk about her businesses are about much more than making a profit. / https://www.mikes-table.org/ / https://www.unchartedwines.com/

Nikolay Piriankov / Chief Executive Officer at Taylor and Hart / Nik is passionate about entrepreneurship, custom-design and space travel. He is going to be talking about the key to developing and great company culture / https://taylorandhart.com

Michelle Levesley / Michelle is a big thinker and is going to be talking about how "hiring like dating is broken" - we are listening Michelle!

Get your 'by donation' tickets here - https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/pknldn-20-wework-tickets-59815726448