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The next PechaKucha London is booked in - stay tuned for more information!

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Design, design, design, design, design, design, design

@ VOL 20 ON MAY 15, 2019

In this PechaKucha called 'Design, design, design, design, design, design, design' Lucy Pickford takes us on her professional journey, which, when looking backward is easy to see she was always destined to be a designer. 

Lucy's love of design shines through loud and clear in her perfectly curated 20 images.

Lucy was the final speaker at London - Vol. 20 - PKNLDN 20 - WeWork and left the crowd feeling inspired to look around at their world and be in awe of the amazing design feats of the everyday.

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Pursuing a Radically Transparent Company Culture

@ VOL 20 ON MAY 15, 2019

In 'Pursuing a Radically Transparent Company Culture', Nikolay Piriankov, speaks passionately and with clear articulation about how he has adopted a radical approach to building up his bespoke jewellery business.

We are sure that after you listen to Nikolay's PechaKucha you will wish that all companies around the world adopted the same approach to company culture as Nikolay does. Bring on the transparency!!!


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Reuse Architecture!

@ VOL 20 ON MAY 15, 2019

in 'Reuse Architecture!', Sara Fontana, uses her 20 images to convince the audience at London - Vol. 20 - PKNLDN 20 - WeWork to reconsider their approach to recycling and reuse. Sara passionately conveys an emerging theory that there is actually sufficient buildings already constructed in the world, and perhaps we can actually 'stop building' (what??!!) and just use what has already been built. 

Not convinced? Well then we suggest you click play and listen to Sara explain it in her own clear words. 

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More than Profit

@ VOL 20 ON MAY 15, 2019

Louise Holstein gave this ardent PechaKucha at London - Vol. 20 - PKNLDN 20 - WeWork and definitely garnered herself a new legion of admirers impressed with the wonderful work she is doing connecting strangers together over food around a table.

Louise set up Mike's Table 3 years ago. Mike's Table puts on evenings that come in pairs, the first is for paying guests which funds the second evening whereby guests are invited to enjoy exactly the same restaurant experience but for free. These guests are referred through charities and organisations supporting those in recovery from homelessness, illness or addiction, refugees, those on low income and the socially isolated. 

Professional chefs are involved in both evenings and devise the menus on the night using food that would otherwise go to waste. 


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I Can Do That (and So Can You!)

@ VOL 20 ON MAY 15, 2019

In 'I Can Do That (and so can you!)', Anya Marco Harris, uses her 400 second PechaKucha for great impact. Anya draws on tales from her own life experience to convince the audience that if you have a dream idea floating around in your mind, stop in floating around in the abyss and make it a reality.

As Anya eloquently puts it, if she can achieve being a coffee queen, burlesque dancer, blogger, obtain a MA in cultural cosmology specialising in archeoastronomy and discover how the Neolithic chose to place the stones in Avebury Stone Circle (and that is just her life to date) - then so can YOU!


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From Human Remains to Human Resonance

@ VOL 20 ON MAY 15, 2019

In 'From human remains to human resonance', a PechaKucha given by Scott McArthur at London - Vol. 20 - PKNLDN 20 - WeWork, Scott takes the audience on the journey of his life in a PechaKucha that definitely comes from the heart.

Scott explores concepts of job satisfaction and how we identify our own success and abilities.

The main takeaway for the London PechaKucha team was the idea of continual learning. Scott's talk is such a good reminder for us all to keep that concept front of mind!

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Hiring is Broken Like Dating

@ VOL 20 ON MAY 15, 2019

In this Pechakucha given by Michelle Levesley at London - Vol. 20 - PKNLDN 20 - WeWork, Michelle put forwards a very convincing argument for why the process of hiring staff is broken just like dating is. Her argument puts forward a case for why hiring is broken for both employees and employers.

Using tales from her personal life Michelle got the lucky listeners in the Vol. 20 audience rethinking their approach to work-life and most importantly to how their attributes are portrayed in a modern world.

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Fix Your Gut, Heal Your Life

@ VOL 20 ON MAY 15, 2019

Karen Mannion gave this very funny, honest, and frank PechaKucha talk at London - Vol. 20 - PKNLDN 20 - WeWork.

From the outset she had the crowd in hysterics taking a deep dive into a topic that effects all of us on a daily basis - GUT HEALTH!

Karen's health oriented talk was not only thought provoking but also had a great sense of fun injected into it!
Karen gave the audience (to use an old saying) a lot of "food for thought", the most memorable being a rating system for poo!


Announcing Our Presenters for Volume 10 – Wednesday, October 2, 2019

We are excited to announce our next round of speakers for PechaKucha Night #ldnont happening on Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019:
Louis Engel
Presentation Title: Curious?
Presentation Outline: After a 12-year period under pursuit of Permanent Residency in Canada, Louis will share the ups and downs, the lessons learned, and the memories made from that experience.
Jaclyn Siegel
Presentation Title: Feminism with Benefits: The Personal and Interpersonal Benefits of Feminist Attitudes and Identity
Presentation Outline: Broadly speaking, a feminist is someone who supports gender equality in the social, political, and economic domains. The feminist movement has made important strides in procuring and safeguarding the rights of women and gender diverse people, but supporting feminism also has psychological and psychosocial benefits. Research has linked feminist attitudes and identity to a variety of positive mental health and behavioral outcomes, ranging from less disordered eating to safer sex practices. This presentation will cover existing research on this topic, including theories as to why this link exists.
Mercedes Caxaj
Presentation Title: Taking A Moment in Seoul
Presentation Outline: Mercedes will be sharing an inspiring moment she had when traveling in Seoul, Korea and how at the forefront of this experience included her values were curiosity, open-mindedness, and understanding. And having lived those core values this experience would not have manifested.
Carolyn Martyn
Presentation Title: Bring It: Inspiring others to love themselves.
Presentation Outline: This presentation will detail how and why Bring It was created, and lessons learned along the way.
Laura Johnson
Presentation Title: From Darth Vader to Luke Skywalker: A Journey Into the Light Side of Personality
Presentation Outline: The media bombards us with stories of violence and corruption, which paints a bleak picture of human nature as self-centered. Similarly, research in psychology has traditionally focused on the “dark side” of personality. However, like the Force, there is also a “light side” to human nature. From everyday saints to kidney donors, who give to complete strangers, people regularly do good things for others. Using psychological research and theory, this presentation will discuss the “light side” of personality, the importance of gratitude, and how generosity and kindness to others can enhance our well-being.
Arielle Kayabaga
Presentation Title: Ubuntu: The Universal Bond
Presentation Outline: Where I’m from, we talk about Ubuntu. Ubuntu essentially means having humanity in you. Compassion and love for others. In Ubuntu, we take care of one another. This is where my passion to affect meaning and change comes from and why I got involved in politics. 
And a big thanks and SHOUT OUT to our amazing 2019 sponsors this year:
City Match 
And HIGH-FIVES all around for our partners as well:
LAV Solutions
MC Spirit Studios
You have all helped make these three events possible this year and we truly appreciate it.


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