Presentation Ground Rules

Often times, meetings and the presentations that drive them, are boring, slow and rarely effective. With PechaKucha presentations you are in for insightful experiences and ideas from our #ldnont community. Here are some gentle reminders for presenters:

  1. Your final presentation must include 20 images. Notice that we say "images" and not "slides." Successful PechaKucha 20x20 presentations usually have images that complement what the speaker is saying, as opposed to a bunch of bullets and text on the slide.
  1. Each image will be displayed for exactly 20 seconds. The images automatically progress during the presentation. Speakers have no control over the advancement of the slides. We can help you with setting that up!

  2. Is this a sales thing? Absolutely not. In fact, PechaKucha Night is a nonprofit organization. We just love chitchat.No sales pitches.

  3. Is PechaKucha Night family-friendly? Yes! Each presentation is suitable for all ages. Please no inappropriate images or language. Remember, you will be presenting in a public space that is open to people of all ages. Audiences may include everyone from high school students to retired. If you wouldn’t say it in front of your Maman, don’t say it in front of your PechaKucha family.

  4. No political campaigning.

  5. No preaching.

  6. Deadline to submit presentation is always 7 days prior to the event.

With all this focus on the mechanical aspect of your presentation it's easy to forget to really talk to your audience. Make contact, converse, be warm, and be human. It's one of the more intimate presentation styles and formats. Have fun!