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27 MAR


We're baaaack!

After a bit of a hiatus, PKNLDN is back and we're heading to one of our favorite spots to host 20x20!

Ok, first up what is a PechaKucha night? Originating in Japan, it is a fast and fabulous night of individual presentations, but there is a rule... nobody can speak for more than 6 minutes and 40 seconds, which means that you really can’t afford to be boring. Each speaker will show 20 images and talk about each image for 20 seconds.

​Today the event has evolved to cover a range of topical societal issues, from diverse perspectives and is presented in over 1000 cities around the world.

​What kind of things do people talk about? Literally anything that people think worth sharing including a personal story, an idea, a project, a passion, interesting snaps and experiences from your last adventure, these are just a few examples.

PechaKucha presentations uncover the unexpected -- unexpected talent, unexpected ideas. Some PechaKuchas tell great stories about a project or a trip. Some are incredibly personal, some are incredibly funny, but all are very different, and they turn each PechaKucha event into “a box of chocolates”.

What can I expect from PechaKucha x HASSELL? After the success of several PechaKucha X HASSELL collaborations in 2017 the teams are back together to bring you another wonderful evening of inspiring and unique speakers.

Our friends from Corona are back on board too to make sure no one in the studio will be without a cold beer in their hands throughout the night!

So why would you not come down to the HASSELL studio in Shoreditch to listen to 6 speakers talk about all kinds of wonderful things. There are a limited number of tickets for this event, so be sure to book today!

Stay tuned for information about speakers


Visit bit.ly/PKNLDN19 to book your tickets today!

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You Can Bottle Your Dreams!

@ VOL 17 ON NOV 09, 2017

Gaye Soykok had our audience with their eye peeled to the back of their heads trying to take in all of the amazing ideas Gaye was sharing with them.

Gaye told the audience about the House of Dadabit - a transdisciplinary collective who create and experience together the stories and dreams of now and the future.

By the end of this talk, you will believe that you can unlearn and consider bringing what plays back in your mind into your creative process!
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Seeing the World Through the Eyes of a London Think Tank

@ VOL 17 ON NOV 09, 2017

Vytautas Jankauskas from Superflux in London really stretched our audiences mind when he gave this PechaKucha at Vol. 17 of the London Series about the concept of the modern future.

Is it possible to translate future uncertainty into present day choices? Vytas says YES! - And after listening to his talk, we think you will to


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We All Scream For Ice Cream

@ VOL 17 ON NOV 09, 2017

The audience loved Kitty Lam at Vol.17 of the London Series and not just because she provided ice cream cones for all 120 attendees!

She showcased her current project the Ice Cream Empire, a book of stories about the great British ice cream industry. A scoop on the ice cream men & women of Britain, with specially commissioned photography & rare archival images that takes the reader on a sweet nostalgic journey through time.



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A Fresh New Take on Understanding Customers

@ VOL 17 ON NOV 09, 2017

Paul Jenkins is a seasoned PechaKucha attendee and speaker and when he gave this talk at Vol. 17 of the London Series he challeged the audience to think differently about understanding people and how to really meet customer needs.

If you want to feel inspired to solve problems and get work done, then we have a tip for you - listen to Paul's PechaKucha and you will want to get out there and educate, create, refresh and fix. Let's do this!


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Artificially Intelligent - No! - Yes for Real!

@ VOL 17 ON NOV 09, 2017

Hew Leith gave his PechaKucha at Vol. 17 of the London Series and introduced the audience to IntelligentX, the world's first beer brewed by artificial intelligence which he created with Dr Rob McInerney.

When The Guardian hear about A.I Beer they agreed it may be the first use of AI they feel okay about - "AI might be shaking up life as we know it, but like any good party guest, it’s about bringing the beers. That’s according to the work of London-based company IntelligentX, which is using artificial intelligence to brew the perfect pint"

Right after Hew's talk I know most of the audience were already Googling to find out more - order your own AI Beer here - http://intelligentx.ai/


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A Steampunk Coffee Machine - It's a Real Thing, We Promise!


Peter Harris was so great at Vol. 16 of the London PechaKucha series that we had to have him back for more!

Peter really wowed the crowd at Vol. 17 of the London series "Something's Brewing" in November 2017.

Peter had the audience in stitches of laughter as he took them through his magical creative journey that took him to the London Coffee Festival 2016, where his Steampunk coffee was much celebrated and was voted the most innovative product!

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Appreciation for the Hard Work of the Large Brewer

@ VOL 17 ON NOV 09, 2017

this PechaKucha given by Rebecca Crotty-Jones at the Allpress Roastery in Dalston, on 9 November, Rebecca provided the audience with an insightful look in to the world of the large brewer.

With the growth in micro-breweries and craft brews, this was a timely and eye opening look in to the hard work that is put in to getting thousands of beers made and distributed to the tables of bar leaners of happy punters.


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Shoot for the moon you will land among the stars!

@ VOL 16 ON AUG 10, 2017

Peter Harris delivered this high energy PechaKucha talk at Vol. 16 of the London Series.

As you will hear Peter literally got a laugh per image, which is pretty amazing stuff!

In just 20 slides Peter showcases how he has used sheer determination to follow his passions and the results --- well if we were him we would be pretty damn proud of our achievements!



Announcing Our Presenters for Volume 8 – Wednesday, March 6, 2019

It’s that time of year to announce the next line up of speakers for our eighth volume of PechaKucha Night #ldnont. On Wednesday, March 6, we will have FIVE super cool presenters. Here is the lineup: 

  1. Karen Minty: Turn the Golden Rule to Platinum | Elevate the golden rule to the platinum rule. Implement. Observe. Enjoy the transformation of all your relationships.

  2. Brittany Cooke: Urban Pollinators: The Pollinator Pathways Project| A local initiative, providing education on species conservation and creating pollinator gardens within the community.

  3. Alex Leonard: Humans and Elephants | Humans and Elephants will showcase creative ways that the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society is dealing with managing conflict.

  4. Jessica D.: PechaKucha in Lilongwe, Malawi | Sharing about the experience of organizing PechaKucha nights in Lilongwe, Malawi.

  5. Marci Kosac, Becky Matthews & Rhonda McMahon: Silver Summit Sisters| Six women answer a blog to summit Silver Peak in Killarney in February 2018.  The resulting trip had moments of hilarity, strength and darn cold times!

Join us at Innovation Works London (201 King St) at 6:20pm on Wednesday, March 6. Get Your FREE Ticket Now
On the night of PechaKucha Night #ldnont vol. 8, please consider making a $1 to the PechaKucha global fund to help maintain the global website hosting over 1100 PechaKucha Nights around the world.
This will be another great PechaKucha Night to remember!

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About the City's Organizers

  • Claire Lindsay

    I am excited about relaunching PechaKucha London! This city is full of amazing and inspiring people who do fabulous and weird things every day, we just need to get all those people together in a room and let their inspiration flourish!

  • Brogan McPherson

    Brogan moved to London at the beginning of 2016, just in time to help relaunch PechaKucha London. She enjoys bringing people together and interesting conversations - two things PechaKucha provides in abundance.