Past Leiden Event: VOL 28

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VOL 28

July 03, 2019
@ Gebr. de Nobel

The summer edition! Volume 28 of PechaKucha Night Leiden is coming up. 9 presenters share their stories about how they overcame their fixed believes, how they fought their way back after a devastating accident, what their frustration is with swimming pools, how they drove a car from the Netherlands to Kathmandu, how they changed their life after a wake up call and why they walked all the way to New York!

We can't wait...

Gebr. De Nobel, Leiden.

Doors open 19:50, we start 20:20!

Tickets 7 euro. 



Maarten Bel
kunstenaar in Rotterdam
Arjen Ulrich
Adventurer of Life in Alkmaar
Willem Hooft
Pro Sit Kiteboarder in Rotterdam
Dennis Pronk
motivation speaker (change maker), keymind in Delft
Licia van Wijngaarden
Singer and Music Teacher in The Hague
Anthony de Wijs
breaking boundaries
Marius Hogendoorn
Founder Project Beauty in Utrecht