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We haven't scheduled our next PechaKucha Night yet, but in the meantime you can watch some presentations, look at our map to see if there are any scheduled PKNs in nearby cities, or have a look at the long list of upcoming events, to see if there's one you can attend!

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Modern families

@ VOL 23 ON APR 18, 2018

Surrogate mother, foster father, stepbrother, half-sister, donor, bonus-grandpa, adoption parents, biological aunt, genetic uncle….. Sjamke de Voogd reminisces about relationships and special families and tries to make the best of it all.

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Voyeurism in film

@ VOL 23 ON APR 18, 2018

Sara Hoogveld calls upon the voyeur inside every film viewer. With Edward Hopper’s paintings as a starting point we explore voyeurism in the cinema. An inside look in the deep dark longings of the voyeur in the movie theatre….

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In Love With Leiden

@ VOL 23 ON APR 18, 2018

We are in love! And captured this on camera. But now, how will we take this hommage to Leiden a step further? Should we wrap it in giftwrapping, put it in a ‘traveling’ book or put up a sign at the bus stop? Share your ideas with Sanneke Fisser April 18th at Gebr. De Nobel!

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Whatever makes you happy

@ VOL 23 ON APR 18, 2018

As a baker and organization optimizer Robbert Leemans goal is to make his customers, guests and colleagues a little bit happier every day, by making it possible that everyone can actually do whatever makes him or her happy.

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@ VOL 23 ON APR 18, 2018

Through his personal experience Pablo Goldenberg would love to highlight the power of a positive attitude in our lives, as the main engine in human development and happiness. It is a choice, and it is possible to learn it. Pablo was born in Buenos Aires and blends with passion his professional work as multidisciplinary dentist with being a father, attitude speaker and long distance triathlete.

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Street photography

@ VOL 23 ON APR 18, 2018

Gordon Meuleman finds his work on the streets. Always active and unobtrusively alert, Gordon searches for the reasons of his fascination with humans.
The interactions, reactions and current zeitgeist, but also the traces we humans leave behind. His photographs suggest stories to the viewer, but will rarely reveal the real story completely. The interpretation of the viewer is as important in Gordon's work as the suggestions of stories in the same work.

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@ VOL 23 ON APR 18, 2018

A Hundertwasser building, something that makes everybody happy. The story about the search, the idea and the plans for a special building by Orlando and his colleagues told to us by George de Water.

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Le Bataclan, Paris

@ VOL 23 ON APR 18, 2018

Paris, Friday the 13th 2015. Together with three friends Ferry Zandvliet was enjoying a concert of The Eagles of Death Metal in music venue ‘Le Bataclan’. That night 89 people were killed and more than 300 got injured. By telling his story Ferry hopes that people realize you should never give in to fear and anger, you only hold yourself back…. He is the one to know, just come in and listen…..


About the City's Organizers

  • Judith Sebregts

    City Organiser for PechaKucha Night Leiden, the Netherlands and outdoor specialist for Bever, Leiden, the Netherlands

  • Romy Kühne

    Ambacht, geometrie, metaal en licht. Dit zijn de ingrediënten die het werk van product en lichtontwerpster Romy Kühne kenmerken. Tijdens deze Pecha Kucha Night geeft zij u een kijkje in de keuken van Romy Kühne Design; Over het 1,5 jaar in de leer gaan bij een gildemeester in koperslagerij en felstechniek om die ene lamp te kunnen maken, het onderbrengen van je lampontwerp bij een groot verlichtingsmerk en het installeren van een lichtplan op 8 meter hoogte in een voormalig wildwaterbaan.

  • Hugo van Donselaar

    Campspace.com brings offer and demand for unique camp spaces together. Is this the Air-BNB within the world of camping? Sure not! It is way bigger than that, The world is one big Campspace! Oh yeah……the moon too.