Past Leamington Spa Event: VOL 4

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June 05, 2019
@ Leamington Real Tennis Court Club

Want to know about virtual reality, jewellery making and weaving? ...or brewing beer, mental health recovery and the Loft Theatre? ...or realist painting, ways to problem solve by walking and Krav Maga? ...We’ve got it all covered! These are just some of the things you can find out about at the next Pecha Kucha Leamington Spa.

Vol.4 will be held at the Leamington Real Tennis Court Club members' bar, 50 Bedford Street, the oldest real tennis club in the world!

Tickets can be bought from Eventcube.

Dom Russell
Historian, Self in Coventry
Natasha Mohide
Designer/ Lecturer, Self employed & University of Southhampton in Leamington Spa
Bryony Taylor
HR Business Partner in Leamington Spa
Neil Moore
Artist, self employed in Leamington Spa
Jane Moore
Designer/jeweller, self employed in Leamington Spa
Sue Moore
Artistic Director, Loft Theatre Company in Leamington Spa
Russell Brotherston
Self-Defence School Owner and Lead Krav Maga Instructor in Stratford-upon-Avon
Jane Bracey
in Leamington Spa
Ray Carson
University Lecturer, Aston University in Rugby
Alex Harvey
CEO / Creative Director , RiVR in Southam