Past Leamington Spa Event: VOL 3

Large wide crowd photos


April 11, 2019

We are excited to announce Leamington Spa's third Pecha Kucha event which will be held at the Leamington Real Tennis Court Club members' bar, 50 Bedford Street. It is the oldest real tennis club in the world! 

We are bringing together creative and inspirational speakers who will share their ideas, work and passions.

Tickets can be bought from Eventcube or direct from Berylune, 45 Park Street, cash only.

Jamie Chalmers
Kingpin, MrXStitch in Leamington Spa
Debbie Collins
Acupuncturist/Counsellor/Supervisor/Group Facilitator, Self in Leamington Spa
Paul Sharp
Engineer, Altair Engineering, UK in Royal Leamington Spa
Archie Pitts
Retired living in Leamington Spa
Natasha Mohide
Designer/ Lecturer, Self employed & University of Southhampton in Leamington Spa
Tesni Hill
in Leamington Spa
James Barrett
Psychotherapist, Self Employed in Leamington Spa
Matthew Charboneau
Critical Theory Consultant & Postgrad Student in Los Angeles, Currently Residing in Coventry U.K.