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Marking the City

@ VOL 3 ON MAR 30, 2018

Waqar Aziz is a practicing architect, academic and Head of Architecture at COMSATS Institute of Information technology, with interest in connections between art and politics. Being part of the Pakistani Diaspora, his work revolves around the fractures in the ideas of globalism. His themes combine a sense of nostalgia and regional concerns, yet employing critical detachment, in a quest to investigate the ontological state of contemporary living. 
He has a bachelor degree from National College of Arts Lahore, Pakistan and Masters in Architectural Design from Bartlett School for Architecture, London.
He has worked and living in three countries and still a global nomad, he believes architecture to be a way of living, a system for thinking and as means to express the existential exigencies.

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Fragmented Places

@ VOL 3 ON MAR 30, 2018

Saulat Ajmal is an artist who recently relocated to Lahore from New York after having lived and worked in the US over the past fifteen years. She earned her Masters of Fine Arts at the Virginia Commonwealth University and received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in painting from Hunter College. 

Born and raised in Pakistan, Saulat Ajmal trained in the arts of miniature painting before moving to the United States. She immersed herself in the contemporary art world offered by New York City, where she attended college. Her practice ranges from large-scale conceptual abstraction to installation and performance art. In an endeavor to place herself between her past and her present, she looks for ways to fabricate a new reality where tradition, culture, politics and nature continue to exist in a constant state of flux.

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I Hear & Touch

@ VOL 3 ON MAR 30, 2018

Rabeya Jalil is an art educator and visual artist based in Lahore. She did her undergraduate studies in Fine Art from the National College of Arts (NCA), Lahore in 2005 and her Masters in Art and Art Education (Ed.M.) from Columbia University, Teachers College, New York, on a Fulbright Scholarship in 2013. Currently she is Assistant Professor at the Beaconhouse National University, School of Visual Arts and Design (BNU-SVAD) the Program Head of the MA Art Education Program in the Department of Graduate Studies at SVAD in Lahore

Her art education practice involves working with school art teachers, children with special needs, and individuals from low-income families and culturally diverse populations to explore their creative expression and suggest curricular intervention through the arts. Jalil has presented at (Art Education and Printmaking) conferences in Lahore, Islamabad, New York, Fort Worth (Texas), San Diego, Chicago, St. Louis (Missouri) and Istanbul, and has exhibited her work in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, U. A. E., U.S.A, U.K., Spain, Portugal and India.

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Performative Gestures

@ VOL 3 ON MAR 30, 2018

Rabbya Naseer is engaged in making, curating, writing and teaching art. Her practice is broadly concerned with exploring the parallels between art and everyday life and highlighting their similarities in production, representation, reception, and interpretation.
She has an undergraduate degree in Fine Arts from NCA, Lahore (2006) and is a recipient of a Fulbright scholarship for Masters in Art Theory and Criticism from SAIC, Chicago (2008-2010).
She has participated in exhibitions, residencies and conferences in Pakistan, India, USA, UK, Dubai, China, Japan, Germany, Netherlands and Australia. Her writings have featured in various art and non-art magazines. Alongside her ongoing artistic practice, Naseer is currently working on compiling an archive of performance art from Pakistan.


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Stories to Change Hearts & Minds

@ VOL 3 ON MAR 30, 2018

Gauher Aftab is the Co-Founder of CFx Comics, one of Pakistan’s pioneering digital entertainment companies that has produced illustrated and animated content for education and various social issues. He is the author of the internationally acclaimed Paasban - the Guardian, Haider, and Khiladi comic series, which are available on the free CFx Comcis app, the world's 1st platform for Urdu comics. Gauher also serves as Program Director of the Lahore Students Union (LSU), a youth community service organization and social impact incubator. Mr. Aftab has worked both in Pakistan and abroad as a business development professional and strategy consultant in diverse sectors such as financial services, advertising, telecommunications and education.

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Works from Ayehsa Jatoi

@ VOL 3 ON MAR 30, 2018

Ayesha Jatoi trained as a miniature painter. While being immersed in questions concerning the aesthetics of iconography, she questions the relevance of traditional modes of constructing images today, resulting in a practice that takes on hybrid forms. She is a founding editor of the Journal of Contemporary Art & Culture published from Lahore, and her works have been shown in exhibitions in Madrid, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Lahore, among others.

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Aesthetics as Affluence

@ VOL 3 ON MAR 30, 2018

Saba Khan teaches at the National College of Arts, and in 2014 founded the Murree Museum Artist Residency, Murree, an artist-led initiative that supports artists/writers/curators. Khan’s work is pumped with humour and satire; it looks at the class divides through layers of local aesthetics. Glitter, paint and crystals are used as tropes to comment on the emerging affluent-class, along with the ‘bad-tastes’ exhibited through ceremonies, homes and the bazaar. The work makes sharp commentary on political and social conditions with inside-jokes and symbols while not preaching on a particular stance.

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Desires of the Commoners

@ VOL 1 ON NOV 11, 2017

Sarah Mumtaz did her Bachelors in Printmaking in 2005 and later did her Masters in Visual arts in 2010 both from National College of Art. She started her practice with printmaking and later adding embroidery, photomontages to her work practice. During her Masters she introduces herself to completely different
medium, which was performed. Later she went back to her basics and
started drawings again so now her work is basically an amalgam of
embroidery, performance and drawing.

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Renaissance Man

@ VOL 1 ON NOV 11, 2017

With degrees in Fine Arts, from the National College of Arts in Lahore and Parsons The New School For Design in New York, Pakistani artist Rehan Bashir's initial practice was based around painting, drawing and printmaking but has now evolved into a more transdisciplinary pursuit. Under the tutelage of Nahid Siddiqui, a renowned Kathak dance exponent, Rehan, has been exploring classical dance and performance and draws inspiration from Yoga and meditation. He has been teaching Yoga in Lahore since 2014. He has very recently performed at the Dakshina Dance Festival in Washington DC, US and at the Zofin Palace in Prague, Czech Republic. He designs bespoke bridal couture, with a special focus on craft and tradition, at The House of Kamiar Rokni, which has been regularly showcasing it's work in Lahore and internationally.

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Literary Love in Lahore

@ VOL 1 ON NOV 11, 2017

Mehr F Husain is a Lahore based journalist. She was a columnist for Mail Today/MailOnline (The Daily Mail). She has worked as Features editor at The Friday Times and Assistant editor at Good Times. She has had short stories published by Oxford University press and Mongrel Books. Mehr is editor of 'Multan: A Spiritual Legacy', a book that was presented to Queen Elizabeth. She has also performed stand-up comedy as the opening act for Lahore’s first all female troupe Auratnaak. Her work has appeared or been quoted in DAWN, Herald, Pakistan Today, The News, Times of India, Libas International, The Diplomat, Pakistan Link and she was featured in The Economist's 1843. Mehr holds a MSc. in Asian Politics from SOAS, University of London and a BSc. in Politics with Business Management (Hons.) from Queen Mary, University of London. She was also accepted into a MPhil in Modern South Asian Studies at St. Edmunds College, Cambridge. 

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Chota Mota Theatre

@ VOL 2 ON FEB 03, 2018

Sarah Zahid lives, works and overworks in Lahore. She is a 2007 printmaking graduate from National College of Arts, Lahore and has continued her art practice on and off through the years. She has taught Art history at PIFD for 5 years while alongside teaching theatre at the LGS JT, Junior and Middle school for girls from 2010 to date. In 2014 she co-founded her non-profit theatre company with her husband, called ‘Chota Mota Theatre’ which lives by the slogan of ‘theatre of the people, for the people, by the people’ as they want to spread theatre and its power to all ages, ethnicities and communities. She also writes art reviews and essays for Nigaah Art magazine and maintains her blog which voices her thoughts on child development, psychology and pedagogy through her personal research and study as well as her experiences as a teacher, a mother of two, a Pakistani female and a believer in never to give up.

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New Work Environments

@ VOL 2 ON FEB 03, 2018

Fatima Rafique is a professional graduate of Architecture (NCA, Lahore) and currently run an architectural company call Taazeen Architecture and Design. She has participated in several international competitions and was nominated as the finalists for a luxury architectural project in Istituto Marangoni, Milano, Italy in 2015.

Fatima has designed for projects of all scale, from designing a massive entertainment complex (We Play, Islamabad) to a small coffee table and everything in between. My international projects includes the interior design of nail bar in Buffalo, New York, USA called Happy Feet Nail Bar and collaboration for an international furniture company for the showcase of their products in the upcoming Maison et Object 2018.