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Theme: "Sustainability"
For this event, PKNK is teaming up with the Seeds of Sustainability team for joint presentations under the banner of "sustainability". The mission of Seeds of Sustainability is to encourage sustainable practices that can focus our energy, intellect, and industry in a way that works in harmony with our ecological environment and social communities. Nature is a living example of what a sustainable system looks like. Humans have shifted the balance with many amazing innovations and unique approaches, but many of these accomplishments come at a cost to our environment, our health, and even our survival. We have the power to make small daily decisions that can combine to make a big change to help restore balance to our relationship with the planet and with each other.

今回のPKNKは、Seeds of Sustainabilityチームとタッグを組み、「サステイナビリティ/持続可能性」のテーマの基、共同でプレゼンテーションをお届けします。 「Seeds of Sustainability」の使命は、私たちの生態環境や社会共同体と調和する、エネルギー、知性、産業に関連した持続可能な活動を応援することです。自然は、持続可能なシステムのような生き生きした例です。人類は多くの驚くべきイノベーションとユニークなアプローチで地球のバランスを変えてきましたが、その成果の多くは、自然環境、私たちの健康、さらには生存そのものを犠牲にするという代償を伴っています。ですが、私たち1人1人が、日々の小さな決断を下す力を持っており、これを組み合わせることで、地球との、そして人間同士の関係のバランスを回復させるような、大きな変化を起こすことができるのです。

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Tsugaru Shamisen

@ VOL 26 ON SEP 02, 2017

Based in Kyoto, Koji Hata plays “Tsugaru shimisen,” a form of music that was born on the road. Although there are fans of this music, did you know this was originally born as a way to survive? The Tohoku region of Japan has the harshest climate in all of Japan, and for those who have poor eyesight, they could no longer work on the farm. As a way to survive, people began traveling around with shamisen in hand performing as a way to get food to survive. From these roots, Tsugaru shamisen has grown into a music loved around the world. I’d like to talk about this.

道端で生まれた音楽『津軽三味線』京都を中心に津軽三味線演奏活動をしている、はたこうじ と申します。

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One life One chance!

@ VOL 26 ON SEP 02, 2017

After graduating from high school, Toru Tsuji worked in a hip hop fashion shop for three years. After that, he visited Jamaica. Returning to Japan, he began working at his family business of making traditional Kyoto-style wire netting (kanaami), and it's been 15 years since. Here he shares his experiences so far, having visited over 12 countries, and discusses the future of traditional crafts in Japan and around the world.

高校卒業後にHIP HOPのお店で働いて3年。その後にジャマイカに行き帰国後に家業である京都の伝統工芸の京金網の仕事に従事して15年。これまでの経験と、 今日までに12ヵ国に行って感じた事や伝統工芸の未来についてお話させていただきます。



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Calligraphy Culture

@ VOL 26 ON SEP 02, 2017

Kazuki Yamane has been practicing calligraphy since he was a child, and in university, he majored in classical calligraphy. After graduating, he went to Australia where he came into contact with various languages and cultures.
For Kazuki, as a Japanese, the language he uses -- kanji and hiragana -- are not just tools for living, but they fascinate us and are appreciated from in and outside of Japan. Here he shares the beauty that these characters hold, through studying their appearances and content. And in this age where we type more than write, he offers a performance in the hopes the audience will take more interest in writing through physical experience.


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Japanese Tea: Tradition and Innovation

@ VOL 26 ON SEP 02, 2017

In "Japanese Tea: Tradition and Innovation" From PechaKucha Night Kyoto Vol. 26Simona Zavadckyte explores how Japanese tea was made traditionally, how it is currently made today and some of the new developments involving tea in Japan.

Tea is the second most common drink in the world and it has been in Japan for around for over 800 years. Through time it has developed distinct culture and traditions. 


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Beyond Ikebana

@ VOL 26 ON SEP 02, 2017

Although Masato Kishi has studied kado and ikebana, he believes the key to this expression can be found in the world of art and design. Through this daily practice, flowers bring about new encounters and discoveries.


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Indonesian Batik Meets Japanese Kimono

@ VOL 26 ON SEP 02, 2017

Batik is a form of traditional wax-resist dyeing originally from Java island in Indonesia. In Yasuyo Fujimoto's presentation, she talks about how she encountered batik, the royal batik tradition of Java island, how she uses batik in her kimono dyeing work, as well as recent projects. She also touches on what she wants to do in the future.


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Nihonshu Girl

@ VOL 26 ON SEP 02, 2017

From her work as a writer and illustrator, Sumire Matsuura published the book, “Tipsy walks around sake breweries by Nihonshu Girl,” visiting various breweries in Kansai. Her journey is still continuing under the name, Nihonshu Girl. The reason she became interested in Nihonshu was because of her work at a shrine for the God of Sake. While working as a miko at the shrine, she got to know about the history of sacred wine and realized how wonderful it was. Now she wants more people to know about this culture. Her life has become richer by Nihonshu, and here she shares her love and appreciation.


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Rakugo - Sit Down Comedy

@ VOL 26 ON SEP 02, 2017

Yano Kentaro share's his passion for Rakugo, Japan's traditional style of comedy, and elaborates on what he loves performing it in English.




About the City's Organizers

  • Eric Luong

    Originally from Toronto, Canada, Eric Luong is a freelance translator and associate professor at the Kyoto University of Art and Design. He supports the Toronto Maple Leafs, especially when they win.

  • Masashi Seo

    奈良県生まれ。 京都市在住。 有限会社 一級建築士事務所 地域にねざす設計舎 TAPROOT 副所長。 一級建築士。

  • Hila Yamada

    Known as *wiredly British English speaking Kyoto girl born and bred with artistic background (studied Japanese painting and Olfactory Art Project). Currently working for NPO called Glocal Human Resources Development Center as a coordinator and working at L'escamoteur, one of the best cocktail bars in Japan. New type of millennials who are thought appearing everywhere in the town with countless/indescribable roles/jobs.

  • Aki Ishiyama

    Graduated from BFA interior design in California College of the Arts. Co-ordinates international exhibitions showcasing the artworks made collaboratively by Japanese and foreign artists and artisans. Currently living in Kyoto. California College of the Arts BFA Interior Design卒業。2011年・13年にパリで展覧会を企画運営した経験から、希少価値の高い日本製品を海外へ紹介することに興味を持つ。2016年〜、日本と海外の職人や工芸作家同士をつなぎ、彼らの作品や製品を海外へ発表・販売する展示会の企画運営に携わる。京都在住。

  • Duncan Brotherton

    オーストラリア生まれ、京都・大原野在住のグラフィックデザイナー。デザイン・翻訳、そして暇さえあれば木を切るのが仕事。 Australian-born, Kyoto-resident graphic designer. Lives in Oharano. Designs, translates and chops wood constantly in his spare time.