Past Kunming Event: VOL 1

Large wide pkn  5.1 street occupation


July 26, 2019
@ Elephant Art Center / 大象艺术中心

Kunming, the city of flowers, is host to people of many different nationalities. How do you share your own culture, and what have you learned from Chinese culture? How does crossing cultures influence your creative work, your plans and your dreams?

Show us what you love in 20 slides.

Adam Roberts
Design and Illustration in London
Maya Wen
Fine Art, Wake Cultural Center in Kunming
David Lingerak
Film and Documentary in Shanghai & Amsterdam,
Mamur Ahsan Mahtab
Fine Art in Chittagong
Ming Fengxian
Architect / Designer, CCG in Kunming
Efat Razowana Reya
Fine Art in Dhaka