By Yajyu Manandhar

Inspiration. Fun night. People. Drinks. Art. Music. Truth be told, this is how we recall Pecha Kucha Nights (PKN). As an event, it is owned by storytellers and their listeners. To begin with, it was PKN vol. 13 and the general idea of the event continues to be a simple presentation where one shows 20 images, each for 20 seconds. “The images advance automatically and you talk along to the images.” I believe these sums up the jest of the event.

Just a night earlier I had the glimpse of PKN’s poster on Facebook with an invite and next morning my friends dropped all my plans and got me in for PKN vol. 13 Inspire Nepal. One got me in, in the name of social interaction and rest seem to not get enough of PKN every single time. They were true in their own stance. Later that day, I spent the evening in Club 25 hours, Tangalwood with artists, friends and creative people. Following that, I walked in the club and stood in the crowd eying the stage, waiting for the show to begin.

In short the event went on with actual rock stars singing heard and unheard songs to the rock stars that rocked the stage with their stories. I dissolved in the crowd that cheered, whistled and related to the stories that were told. As time passed by I canceled my plan to leave early and went with the flow of the night.

Perhaps the earthquake stories overlapped everybody’s experience in the room and related accordingly. People clapped raising eyebrows every time good ideas and acts were projected in front of them. However they clapped harder and whistled louder when slides mocked politicians and foreign media (not that foreign in fact but I believe “what’s understood, need not be explained).

Supporting the storytellers and their stories we spent the night. In their stories we sang, prayed, chanted holy mantras, and in their tales - we drank. But it did not end there; the event had lot to offer with performance artists who staged in between the event. No stranger to the disaster, we sipped their performance all in silence followed by applauds.

I had my own moments at times, I got the jest of the show every once and while someone walked in the stage and shared. Also few ideas clicked me and few people inspired me. To mention, poster of the show read “Share-Inspire-Get Inspired”. To be specific on it, slides of performance artist Salil Subedi included folk songs, it reflected the whole idea of singing Nepali folk song. I grew a bit more realizing the idea. Also enthusiasm and views of presenters on the disaster we explored opened me up with brilliant interpretations.

The event ended late night with a performance art, but my night did not end there. The show had me in a special mood with friends and fun. As it was a fun night, I with my friends went for another round and took a road to a café nearby to acknowledge the night before we got our homes. As I just said, we were in mood.