Past Kalispell Event: VOL 6

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November 01, 2018
@ Kalispell Brewing Company

"Wherever You Go, There You Are,” an age old cliché, reminding us that no matter where we go, or what we do, life follows us. So what does “adventure” mean and how do our experiences, both routine and extraordinary, help to build us up and reshape our lives to make us who we are?  Come hear folks from around the Flathead Valley with a wide variety of experiences, tell us how adventure affects and directs them.  

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Changing Gears

@ VOL 6 ON NOV 01, 2018

There's going for it, and then there's GOING for it. The difference is subtle, and sometimes it takes a new perspective to see it. That's what Cricket Butler found as she picked up mountain biking, first as a hobby and then as a lifestyle. It all started by riding from Banff to the Mexican border; as Cricket has turned this lifestyle into a profession, it doesn't look like it will end anytime soon. 

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Closing the Outdoor Knowledge Gap

@ VOL 6 ON NOV 01, 2018

For those who grow up in the outdoors, it comes easy. It is much easier to be a competent skiier, or climber, or adventurer if you come at it from an early age. Yet contrary to popular belief, David Steele shows that old dogs CAN learn new tricks. The great benefit to a person trying something new is people who have been on that path before themselves. David shows that life can be challangeing and exciting for all of us at all stages of the journey, no matter if you are a cohort, a mentor, or an up-and-comer. 

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Sharing Culture: Montana to Mongolia

@ VOL 6 ON NOV 01, 2018

Can there be a link between Montana and Mongolia? It was Greg Schatz's job to find one when he traveled there with his wife Deborah. Their job was simple - find a way to convince western tourists that a trip to remote Mongolia should be on everyone's bucket list. No problem right? 

In a few short minutes, Greg that the place you are in on the outside matters little; it's the inside, the humanity, that counts.


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Doin' The Cheeky Chicken

@ VOL 6 ON NOV 01, 2018

He's done the hustle. He's even done the Bartman. But Jason Mills doesn't think he's ever done the Cheeky Chicken. However, Jason Millsdefinitelytley a perfect teacher. Beginning as a solo climber, Jason soon combined his love of the high country with his profession as a grade school teacher. His student Erica can attest. While Jason was teaching Erica the ways of the rock climber, he demonstrates one of life's most important lessons himself: life is better when you have a good climbing partner. 

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Exploring The West By Van

@ VOL 6 ON NOV 01, 2018

"Now young man, what do you wnat to do with your life?!"

"Actually I kinda want to be a landscape painter, having great adventures, travelling near and far, all to follow my artistic vision and catch the light for the perfect composition."

"Well, La Di Frickin' Da! We got ourselves an artist here! Well, you're gonna be doing a lot of landscape painting when you're LIVIN IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!"

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Classic Worst Climbs

@ VOL 6 ON NOV 01, 2018

We've all heard of "best of" lists: best albums, best cheeseburgers, best PechaKucha speakers, what have you. So what did Mike Bestwick do? He flipped the script. Trying to climb the highest peak in Glacier National Park in a single day would indeed be worthy of inclusion on a best-of list, if not for the cold, hard realities that accompany an adventure of this magnatude. No food? No daylight? No problem for Mike! (just don't ask him about prescription painkillers)

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Adversity, Adventure and the Outdoors

@ VOL 6 ON NOV 01, 2018

"Adding insult to injury" is thankfully a phrase Rob Conte is unfamiliar with. Oh, he's had injuries: between his work life as a wildland firefighter and river guide, and his pastimes of mountian biking and snowboarding, injuries pretty much come with the territory. But Rob usually does not have to deal with the "insults", as his close network of family and friends supported him every step of the way as they "played through the pain" together. 

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Archery As a Way of Life

@ VOL 6 ON NOV 01, 2018

It is easy to take for granted the simple form of the classic bow and arrow, but Shelton Fitzgerald knows that a great deal of hard work makes that possible. An expert bowmaker utilizing classic construction, Shelton's medium connects him to the natural world and simultaneously pays respect to traditional American Indian bowmaking methods. Whether in archery or in life, Shelton demonstrates that the steps to success are unchanged: take aim, drawback, and hit your target with authority.  

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Adaptive Reinvention

@ VOL 6 ON NOV 01, 2018

Sometimes it is hard to stay on the path that life has put in front of you; Zana  Faulkner knows this better than most. From horseback riding to martial arts to competative road racing to mountian biking, Zana's journey has been a long and winding one, and not always pleasant. But if you come to a fork in the road, or if the path becomes rocky, or if the upcoming route remains hidden behind a bend, Zana's story stresses the importance of staying on the trail and completing the journey. 

Zana Faulkner
Project Manager in Kalispell
Jason Mills
Educator in Kalispell, MT
Cricket Butler
Bike Retreat Owner, Whitefish Bike Retreat in Whitefish, MT
David Steele
Wearer of many hats (and helmets), Rocky Mountain Outfitter in Kalispell, MT
Greg Schatz
Home Builder, Greg Schatz Builder in Kalispell
Ken Yarus
Fine Artist, Kenneth Yarus Fine Art in Kalispell
Mike Bestwick
Civil Engineer, Jackola Engineering in Kalispell, MT
Rob Conte
Adventure Coordinator, Chrysalis School in Kaispell
Shelton Fitzgerald
Bowhunter, Bowyer, Horseback Archer, North Heart in Kalispell, MT