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24 FEB


ПечаКуча в Кадникове набирает обороты! Мы снова готовим для Вас интереснейшее событие! Рассказать о своем творческом детстве или о любимой работе! Вы можете просто прийти и послушать выступление. 
На новой PechaKucha Night можно поделиться любыми своими взглядами. Каждый будет услышан! 


About the City's Organizers

  • Angela Kuznetsova

    I am a very enthusiastic and versatile person. I am interested in many things: painting, music, design, as well as advertising, psychology and much more. Our library is an important cultural center of Kadnikov. We are engaged in the promotion of reading culture and the formation of cultural and intellectual values among the residents of the city. We learned about Pecha Kucha from the organizers of these events from the city of Vologda. We are very interested in holding such events.