Past Jakarta Event: VOL 20

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VOL 20

December 12, 2014
@ Plaza Mandiri Lantai 3, Auditorium Utama

With numerous fashion events in Jakarta, including the largest fashion week in South East Asia, it’s only a matter of time before Jakarta is announced as the capital city of fashion in the region. Along with the growth of digital and social media, we witness the birth of fashion bloggers who are voicing the uniqueness of individual style that are applicable and acceptable to general public. As a result, their voices are now heard and becoming as important as leading designers in the industry. 

To celebrate the growth of this multi-billion dollar industry, as well as to expanding our network with the fashionable people of Jakarta, Pecha Kucha  Night Jakarta Vol.20 will be dedicated to gather creative and passionate individuals who believe, embrace, and express fashion in their daily lives. We will take our audience on a journey on the creative process behind a fashion statement, how it influences our culture and society, as well as its contribution to our economy. 

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MKLAV Fashion Incubator

@ VOL 20 ON DEC 12, 2014

Veronika introduces MKLAV as her brainchild with her friends, Cyntia Gading and Emily Y. Wijaya. As a fashion incubator, their goals is to support fashion start-ups mainly through education by organizing courses, seminars, workshops, counseling, as well as fashion consulting. 

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Men's Fashion - Digital Indonesia

@ VOL 20 ON DEC 12, 2014

Herdiana Surachman shares his experience on blogging his way through fashion industry. What started out as a hobby has turned into a full time job with several delightful perks. As a lifestyle blogger, Herdiana also breaks down fashion essentials and trends especially in men's fashion scene.

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Passion for Fashion

@ VOL 20 ON DEC 12, 2014

Paramita Caesara shows us behind the scene the art of store displaying. More than just putting all the goods together, the world of visual merchandising is creative and fast-paced, it demands you to think both visually and commercially.  

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Bass // Van Vogue

@ VOL 20 ON DEC 12, 2014

Sylvester Suwandi, a young promising Fashion Designer took the exotic middle east as his inspiration to create his first collection under his own brand: BASS. He also shares his experience during Paris Fashion Week with Tex Saverio team when he won GoAhead Challenge competition. He pointed out that despite the glamour lifestyle, fashion industry is a world filled with hard-working people. Fashion is more than what you see.

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Curvy Fashion

@ VOL 20 ON DEC 12, 2014

Ucita Pohan embraces her curviness and thinks we should all too. Fashion trends don't always cater those who are not size zero, but it doesn't mean we can't be creative. Ucita shares her tips on how to flaunt our curves stylishly. Because fashion is not always about 'slim', fashion is not always about the price tag, but fashion is what suits you well.

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Fashion, Engineered: Brodo Footwear

@ VOL 20 ON DEC 12, 2014

Muhammad Yukka Harlanda or goes by the name Yukka, hated the fact that it's hard to find a good, decent shoes for his particular large shoe size. Despite zero experience in fashion industry, Yukka and his friends decided to built their own ideal line of footwear based on their knowledge in engineering.

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Undergarment History and Women Empowerment

@ VOL 20 ON DEC 12, 2014

Inherited passion and talent from her fashion designer mother, Flora Harto inspired to embrace fashion industry, particulary in the field of "intimate apparel". Flo believes that the confidence of a woman starts from within (in this case, including undergarment). After finishing college in New York and worked for Victoria's Secret in 2005, Flo decided to return to his homeland to manage the family company, as well as campaigning for women's rights and empowerment. Now, intimate apparel such as corsets is no longer the symbol of oppression, but can be used as self confidence and/or anti gender based violence campaign.

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