Past Indianapolis Event: VOL 13

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VOL 13

August 01, 2019
@ LightSource

Join us for the relaunch of PechaKucha Nights in Indianapolis! The theme this month will be “Beginnings” and will feature speakers from around Indianapolis who have experienced beginnings of all kinds!

In true PK fashion, each speaker will have 6 minutes 40 seconds to present: 20 slides at 20 seconds each.

There will be beer and snacks, and lots of mingling. See you there!

The lineup:

  1. Andrew Ade
  2. Ashley Thornberry
  3. Austin Zehr
  4. Trey Mock
  5. Andrew Fries
  6. Danielle Ireland
Andrew Fries
Architect, ONE 10 STUDIO Architects in Indianapolis
Andrew Ade
Graduate Architect, Absolute Digital Era in Indianapolis
Danielle Ireland
in Indianapolis
Austin Zehr
Graduate Architect, DELV Design in Indianapolis
Ashley Thornberry
in Indianapolis