PechaKucha Night Iloilo Vol 3


"One thing that separates goals and visions from reality is opportunity. We are always taught that when we have goals and dreams, we work on it and work hard for it. It's true and it's good. There's a better way to do it though and that is to create opportunities. By doing such we do not only make our own goals and visions a reality but we also pave the way for the achievement of other people's goals."

That's an excerpt from my welcome message during our PechaKucha Night Iloilo Volume 3 last November 25, 2018 at Horn Pub. It was our first as organizers and we are honored to see the venue filled with enthusiastic crowd, savoring the gist of each presentation delivered by our great presenters, while ejoying their free bottle of beer or iced coffee that goes with the ticket they paid for only a hundred and eleven pesos (P111.00)

I stayed in Dumaguete for work for over 4 years and when I decided to return to Iloilo 4 months ago, I listed down goals to accomplish before 2018 ends. I wanted to do more speaking engagements outside work, attend informative and fun seminars, socialize more with the community and lastly, do regular charitable activities. These are too many goals to achieve in less than 6 months but I was too determined to be defeated by my pessimistic thoughts.

I was enjoying the seaside atmosphere in Siaton, Negros Oriental one morning when a light bulb moment occured. I found a way to achieve all these goals in the best way possible. While in Dumaguete, I was introduced to PechaKucha and I immediately loved the idea. I did a little research with the help of Abi and found out that the previous organizers of PechaKucha Night in Iloilo didn't renew their yearly agreement from the PKN headquarters in Tokyo after 2 volumes in 2015 and 2016. I got psyched at an instant to apply as organizer and after a week, I luckily received a handshake agreement to continue running PechaKucha Nights in my favorite city, Iloilo City.

The next step was to build a team and it was an absolute breeze. Even during that crisp day at the beach of Siaton, I already have people in mind. They are the people who I believe share the same passion and who are willing to commit part of their precious time in making the visions become reality. My heartfelt gratitude goes to the PKN Iloilo organizers for all the hardwork and dedication during the preparation of our first event, PKN Iloilo Volume 3. Salamat guid Abigail Flores Ay-leen Lachica Danna MercineNel Agustin BuensucesoDrew RamonesGerman Ray P. Gonzales Jr. Ronel Kirby Tingzon Sevee Eslabra and Christopher Raye

Four months of preparation involved meetings on Saturday or Sunday afternoons, reaching out to possible presenters, sponsors and partners, creating our social media platforms and designing and posting our catchy pubs. It was 4 months of not only fun afternoon meetings and chitchats but endless learning opportunities for us, first timers in the field of organizing an event.

I would like to personally thank our sponsors and partners for the support to our first event. Joseph Aloysius Montelibano of Aloysius Worldwide, you are simply amazing. Your support to the Ilonggo arts and culture is greatly appreciated. We look forward to have you as one of our presenters in the future to talk about your worldwide success. To Donna Mercine's family who runs JALD and Associates (and their interns too) and the owners of LoCo, thank you so much for taking part by furthering our event. We, from PKN Iloilo owe you big time. Our collaboration with Dwayne Muyuéla and the rest of the partners and staff of Horn Pub was smooth and we are definitely looking forward to more events with you as our event partner. Same appreciation goes to Project Iloilo our media partner and Willowdell Learning & Development Center, our partner for our post-event charity that will happen in December.

Lastly, handpicking the presenters for our first event was one hell of a job. We painstakingly selected the speakers because they carry the biggest responsibility- to make or break the show. Dear presenters, we can't thank you enough for sharing your time, knowledge, skills and experience to the audience. Early Sol GadongMowneeq Mabasa MuyargasDave FroztHermz GachoCarm Novilla and Judah Ism (and Marge of Sons and Daughters for the awesome musical number) you are all amazing. You set the bar high enough and you encourage and inspire us to continue what we have started. Until next time, Ma'ams and Sirs.

After the success of PKN Iloilo Vol 3, we have started to create an opportunity for great people to speak and inspire the audience with their knowledge and wit, skills and experience. We paved the way for people to have an opportunity to listen to great presentations and get inspired. We also created an avenue for the Ilonggos to socialize by meeting other people that may share the same interest as theirs. And lastly, this may not be part of the goals of the Pecha Kucha Night Global Organization but PKN Iloilo will make a difference by facilitating a post-event charity for kids in December to commemorate the spirit of Christmas. Proceeds of the PKN Iloilo Vol 3 will benefit selected children of Pediatric Ward at Western Visayas Medical Center. Thank you Fheb Mark Lapastora, RN for making arrangements with the Medical Center Chief to have our intent to help get approved. We might need additional volunteers so let us know if you want to join us.

I am Alexander San Pedro, Chief City Organizer of PechaKucha Night Iloilo, thanking you all for an awesome PechaKucha Night. Here's to more opportunities and more PechaKucha Nights.

Congrats to Volume 1 of PechaKucha Night Iloilo!

The crowd was great, the presenters and performers were awesome, overall vibe was amazing. Seems like a successful event!

The speakers delivered amazing presentations. Inspiring stuff from Harren Fegarido who talked about Project Iloilo, a blog-podcast project that aims to document and spread Iloilo culture, Myka Perlas, the brains behind Live by Healthy Kitchen, who emphasized the importance of healthy living by healthy eating, Clem Tan of Herbs in Pots who discussed the importance and the science of sustainable urban gardening and food growing.

Stand out presentations that challenged the crowd were from Ayn Bedonia, a practicing OB-Gyne in the city who graphically talked about the dangers of unprotected sex, and Johann Bolaño, a part of the Aftersyx collective (whose talk was reminiscent of a Saul Williams performance by the way) stressed that it is our roles as Ilonggo consumers (in terms of music and the arts) to dictate and shape the culture scene of Iloilo.

Performances from our spoken poets were powerful and evocative. Tecia's and Mica's works were dark and emotional. The lovely Hiligaynon poem by Kristine was cute, raw, and remindful of rural times.

Thanks for coming and supporting, friends! Was a good turn out for our first/experiment run! Need to improve on a lot of things but all in all, amazing vibe.

Thanks to Brew Burgers and Cafe for the venue, Martinellee's Pit Stop for the equipment, Live by Healthy Kitchen for the free food, Herbs in Pots for the plant giveaways, Aftersyx Radio for providing the music and for broadcasting the "post-party" discussion/event review, Project Iloilo and Kasingkasing Press for the support. Thanks to Garry Balcoba for an amazing live tattoo session. Shout out also goes out to High Society Iloilo, La Roasteria, Gus the Medisina Man. Thanks to the global headquarters of PechaKucha as well for the sweet video message welcoming Iloilo as an accredited/official PechaKucha city and a part of the global PechaKucha network!

Thanks to the BTS people for making sure that the presentations were able to run smoothly: Kae, Poof, Royah, Ivy, and everyone else!

Photos of the event will be posted soon. Let's use this platform to encourage/prod/celebrate the growth of the creative scene in Iloilo! Hope you guys are as excited as we are!

We hope you enjoyed the night as much as we did. And we hope you took something from it. Powah to the people! Peace out! 'Til the next PechaKucha Night!

If you want to participate/present in the next events, feel free to shoot us an email at


The first PechaKucha Night in Iloilo City is happening tonight at Brew Burgers and Cafe featuring 6 presentations, selector music, and spoken poetry performances!

We are all excited for tonight. The presenters and the performers have prepared their asses off to deliver one pretty awesome event. Our featured speakers for the night include:

Harren Fegarido, a staff writer for Project Iloilo, a blog-podcast project that aims to document and spread Iloilo culture - tell stories about Iloilo and its magic to those who live and have passed through the city. He was born and raised in Iloilo City but has been away from the city for more than 3 years. He wants to live a monastic life when he reaches 60.

Ayn Bedonia, a practicing OB-Gyne in the city, is an advocate of safe sex and female sexuality. She is committed to empower women to embrace and enjoy their sexuality while being responsible doing it. She loves the beach and she loves wine and she has the luxury to enjoy both in Iloilo City that's why she can never imagine another home.

Johann Bolaño, a part of Aftersyx, a collective based in Iloilo that aims to push the boundaries of self-expression through music. He has been one of the influencers of Iloilo subcultures since the early days. He believes that we, as Ilonggos have roles to play (in terms of music and the arts) in shaping Iloilo into a more legitimate cultural hub.

Myka Perlas, the girl behind Live by Healthy Kitchen, the first health restaurant/health food store in Iloilo City that started out as a calorie-counted online delivery food service. She is an advocate of healthy living by healthy eating and is committed to spread the health-conscious culture in the city. Her passion to contribute positively to the Iloilo community is amazing.

Clem Tan, the token urban gardener in his circles. He has been growing food in his garden for years. He has expanded his growing projects in friends' houses, in empty community lots, and in vacant spaces at work. He is passionate about growing food in home gardens (even work gardens now apparently). Growing kitchen gardens is a culture he wants to spread in Iloilo through his upcoming project, Herbs in Pots. His goal is to equip people with start-up food garden kits.

Poona Pas, the girl behind White Thoughts, a self-published book of fragmented thoughts from her journey through depression. She is an advocate for mental health awareness and loves educating people on the biological underpinnings of mental disorders. She is also a believer that music and the arts and a creative life are tremendous weapons in combatting mental disorders. She believes that the creative scene in Iloilo can be nurtured to support the rising prevalence of depression in the city.

We also look forward to the spoken poetry performances of our three poets tonight:

T.M. Garcia is a writer and a musician. She writes music and sings for a punk band based in New Jersey called A Hopeless Mess. She loves unicorns and devours souls for breakfast.

Mica Cruz is a freelance food photographer and graphic artist who spends her free time baking and getting baked.

Kristine Buenavista is a published writer who likes to tell stories and  to be told of the daily magic that occurs in others’ lives. She drinks leaf tea whenever she takes breaks from being perky.

We have Nervegasm playing the whole night and we have Garry Balcoba with us, a local tattooist mastering fine line tattoos, to have a live tattoo session all through out the event.

We also have Kasingkasing Press to display their books at the event and La Roasteria (the local cafelier) to display their local specialty coffee. There will be local artists and creators who will be selling local merchandises as well.

Herbs in Pots will have a raffle of 20 herbs to give away and Live by Healthy Kitchen will be feeding free spring rolls to everyone.

Join us for a mind jam tonight! It is gonna be fun!