"Cinema can make sense of history, distort memories, and shape time."

In A New Picutre House from Huddersfield, Vol. 11, John Harrison from Studio Dekka talks about the creation of Dewsbury's New Picture House. In the spirit of the James Joyce's first Cinema, Volta, established in 1909 in Dublin, where showing obscure Italian arthouse films was pushing the envelope of what cinema could mean, Harrison and 15 cohorts took it upon themselves to open a new picture house where they too would push the expectations of film. In this unique presentation, he shares his story, and the stories of others who share his vision. 

Get some popcorn!

"Politicians do not put enough commitment to the issues that really affect women."

In Gender and the General Election, from Huddersfield, Vol. 14, Coco Toma, Vice President Communication and Democracy at the Huddersfield Student Union, looks at developing women's engagement with politics in the 21st century. She takes us back in history to women's suffrage, and on through to the eyes of some of her hero's Rosa Parks, Aung San Suu Kyi, and others, discussing how they have helped been pioneers in many of the political issues woman have faced.


The market town of Huddersfield, in West Yorkshire, England will be hosting their annual Huddersfield Literature Festival this March 14th through the 17th. Interpolated within this hoopla will, of course, be a very special PechaKucha event.

PKN Huddersfield Vol. 9 is taking on a very different form, as explained on the HLF website:

Authors, poets and others who are passionate about the written word each present 20 slides that automatically advance every 20 seconds. Entertaining, funny, moving, thought provoking, not to be missed.Presenters include Lost in the Post author Kevin Boniface and author of The Boy Who Loved Simone Simon Stephen Mosley.

This elegant poster was designed by the very talented artist Tasneem Kauser. More of Tasneem's ornate painted and illustrated works can be found in her online porfolio

To see more great posters from PechaKucha Nights all over the world, check out our Tumblr blog.

PKN Shenzhen Vol. 11 Presentations In his presentation (from PKN Chattanooga Vol. 10), Mason West hopes to inspire others -- like he does his students -- to find their inner potential, and break free of the limits that society appears to impose on them. Jason Guo is an architect, and in his presentation (in Chinese, from PKN Shenzhen Vol. 11) he hopes to show how parametric modelling can result in unpredictable imagery. It's a topic he calls "Rules Based Design." PKN Logrono Vol. 7 Posters We have a two new posters on the Tumblr blog today, for PKN Logrono Vol. 7 (pictured above) and PKN Huddersfield Vol. 7, as well as a flyer for PKN Miami Vol. 17.  PKN Lyon Vol. 3 Photos Lyon's Vol. 4 is happening later this month (on September 25), but here's a photo gallery [Flickr] from this past April's PKN Vol. 3.  Calendar Tonight (September 18) you'll find the following events: PKN Louisville Vol. 9, PKN Jacksonville Vol. 21, and PKN Helsingborg Vol. 9. And tomorrow is a big Wednesday that includes two PKN firsts: PKN Bari Vol. 1, PKN Albany Vol. 1, PKN Prague Vol. 30, PKN Kiruna Vol. 3, PKN Dallas Vol. 10, and PKN Stuttgart Vol. 8.

PKN Miami Vol. 15 Presentations A presentation (from PKN Miami Vol. 15) by Anthony Spinello and Augustina Woodgate about a project in Berlin called Kulturpark, taking place in an abandoned amusement park. Here's more on the project from the official website:

In the Treptower Park forest in East Berlin, along the Spreeriver, there is an abandoned amusement park. The park, originally called Kulturpark Planterwald, was built in 1969 by the GDR and was a rare site for Soviet amusement and attraction. After the fall of the wall, the park became the family-owned Spreepark and suffered challenges of access, attendance, and economy. In 2001, the park closed from capital collapse. Ever since, visitors have regularly traversed the fence to explore this jungle of broken thrill machines. In June 2012, Kulturpark will explore the poetics and potential of these recent ruins, building upon the unique energy of Berlin’s urban, social, cultural, and political landscapes.

Marina Potanina is the president of a charity foundation called To Kids About Kids. In her presentation (in Russian, from PKN Moscow Vol. 12) she talks about the project, and the creation of an animated series about school life for a group of kids, with one of the main characters being a girl in a wheelchair. In Russia, there are no books, TV, or other examples of adequate communication with people with disabilities. Marina believes that if we start by talking to kids about these issues, that our society will be changed. PKN Beirut Vol. 11 Posters We end the week with a Tumblr blog update that includes quite a few older posters: PKN Beirut Vol. 11 (pictured above), PKN Sevilla Vol. 9 and 11, PKN Jakarta Vol. 10, PKN New Orleans Vol. 4, PKN Chicago Vol. 18, PKN Louisville Vol. 1, PKN Dublin Vol. 1, PKN Christchurch Vol. 3, PKN The Hague Vol. 5, PKN Victoria Vol. 3-6, PKN Huddersfield Vol. 1, and PKN Los Angeles Vol. 28. PKN Providence Vol. 41 Photos We spotted this photo (by Twitter user @parulia, who was attending her first PKN) taken at this past Wednesday's PKN Providence Vol. 41 -- we sure love the guerilla nature of the venue and projection wall.  Calendar There's just one event tonight (August 31), with Kumamoto hosting its Vol. 4. Then, you can look to Saturday for the following two events: PKN Hyderabad Vol. 10 and PKN Kathmandu Vol. 6. 

PKN Huddersfield + Global Cities Week Huddersfield will be taking part in our Global Cities Week with a special PechaKucha Night (Vol. 6), a collaboration with Dirt Cheap Magazine. Below, more details from organizer Brent Woods. The poster, a lino-cut, is by Dirt Cheap Magazine co-founder Oliver Smith, and he posted about the process of creating it here. You'll find the full list of presenters with links on the official event page.

PechaKucha x Dirt Cheap Magazine [Pe-cha-Ka-cha] x [Durr-t Chee-p] 23 February 2011 Cafe Ollo at The Media Centre 7 Northumberland Street Huddersfield HD1 1RL PechaKucha Night returns to Huddersfield for an evening of thinking and drinking - with a twist... In this special edition, Dirt Cheap Magazine takeover PechaKucha Huddersfield to curate and present an eclectic night of presentations and live music from passionate local artists. A celebration of the hidden (and not so hidden) talents of Huddersfield. Since 2008 Dirt Cheap Magazine has been supporting and showcasing the work of creative practitioners from Huddersfield and beyond through the publication of e-zines, magazines and blogs. They also organise Fresh Kids - regular live music and interactive art / graffiti nights in Huddersfield and Leeds.

Some Lovely Greetings from Huddersfield Huddersfield is participating in its own way in today's Inspire Japan efforts with a lovely site that shows various video greetings -- in the form of animated gifs -- that really come off looking quite nice. The city also held its Vol. 4 two days ago, raising funds at that event -- we covered it here.

Poster for PKN Huddersfield Vol. 4

As we've stated before, not all cities were able to reschedule their events to the 16th -- to take part in the Global PechaKucha Day - Inspire Japan event -- but it doesn't mean that those other PKNs are not part of our global efforts. Even though PechaKucha Night in Huddersfield Vol. 4 will be held a couple of days before, on April 14, organizers will still be accepting donations, that will all count towards our PK community total, and go to Architecture for Humanity's reconstruction efforts in Japan. The event will be held at Cafe Ollo -- see the full list of presenters with links on the official event page -- and the lovely poster was designed by Huddersfield illustrator Peter O'Toole.

An Instagram Shot to Announce a Presentation About Instagram

PKN Huddersfield Vol. 3

Courtesy of a tweet by Tim Difford, here's an Instagram shot of the PechaKucha in Huddersfield poster for last week's Vol. 3 -- he was announcing the fact that he would in fact be speaking about Instagram at the event (he runs through it in this post). So yes, do include the @pechakucha address when you tweet anything PK-related, it may end up here.

Poster for PKN Huddersfield Vol. 3

Just a reminder that tonight (January 13) is Hudderfield's PechaKucha Night Vol. 3, happening at The Media Centre's Cafe Ollo.