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@ VOL 13 ON NOV 26, 2017

Right when I read about the “What if” topic, I found out a note that my grandmother - who has passed away recently - sent me 15 years ago. I was crying as a child. It felt like that was the note from heaven. She told me "don't be regret, each time fail off you will be less silly a little bit. keep moving forward then you will have success". So instead of wasting time thing about "what if" for what we have done in the past, we should learn from that, less silly and focus on "what if" for the future....


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Forget about your dream job

@ VOL 13 ON NOV 26, 2017

It took Hong-Duong "KOYO" Do a long time to realize that a perfect job does not exist. Maybe we should shift our focus. We all have this wish of doing what we love for a living, but dream jobs should be about why we are doing the job we do. 

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Desire less and Do more!

@ VOL 13 ON NOV 26, 2017

Thu Nguyen kind of person that have lots of desires in her past 24 years. However, until now she recognizes that she only had two hands and can't hold everything she had. Therefore, she choose to focus only on the most important thing - becoming better version of herself. When we desire less, we will have more time to focus on something more valueable, In the end, we believe that all things we did are worthy!

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Do Things That Scare You

@ VOL 13 ON NOV 26, 2017

In our daily life, we all have this little thing that freaks us out: it can be raising your hand at a conference, speaking to a stranger, etc. 
Dinh-Long Pham calls this "shitty fear": a fear that haunts you with daily regrets. 
In this talk, Long shares how you can easily overcome that shitty fear for your best long-term interest. 


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My Meditation Retreat

@ VOL 12 ON AUG 26, 2017

Sebastian Gottschlich shares his experience at the meditation retreat he took and how meditation can help you live a better life.

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You are More than You

@ VOL 12 ON AUG 26, 2017

A short talk from Kelly Broderick about how we can realise our true identities as presence energy, not only physical bodies. The discovery of our true energy helps empower us to feel more capable and in control of the direction of our lives. The importance of focus inside on yourself helps us use our true energy to truly be present in life & fully experience the present moment more deeply.

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Your Life inside Your Pocket

@ VOL 12 ON AUG 26, 2017

Some times we get lost and don't know where to start.....Let learn grow to get back the control and enjoy life in the asian way. Hòa Thiều Ngọc explains.

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One Earth

@ VOL 12 ON AUG 26, 2017

In this talk Cameron talks about the One Earth we have. He shares some history about the Earth and outlines some problems it faces if we continue to take from this Earth selfishly. It's not all bad news, Cameron shares some ways to live on this Earth in Harmony with all plants & animals. The future can be bright if we love this Earth.

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Keep smiling to open your world to others

@ VOL 11 ON JUL 22, 2017

T3 Huong explains, "Even I'm not really good English speaker, but "looking at bright-side" is very interesting subject with me as this sentences always consider as the first words of my mom, she kept repeating this times to times. And somehow, at the cross road of my life, this positive attitude totally change my point of view, then gradually change my life too. It helps me to change my life from weird and isolate to friendly and social inter- action.   

Now, being a mother of two kids, I really want to be my children's friend and help them if need. I hope this presentation will inspire them to keep smiling and looking at bright-side when they struggle in the difficult time in their life. "
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Bitcoin #WTF? Saved My Life

@ VOL 11 ON JUL 22, 2017

"Bitcoin is amazing because it is absolutely the most powerful network in the planet right now." 

In "Bitcoin #WTF? Saved My Life" from PechaKucha Night Hanoi Vol. 11, Freddie Heartlinee tells a quick story about how he, a founder of a fledgling and failing start-up, luckily found the investment of a lifetime after spending most of his retirement savings trying to save his company. 

The implications of Bitcoin's underlying technology totally blew Freddie Heartlinee's mind - and saved his (financial) life. He is currently as passionate and in love with the technology as he was on that fateful day, at that nerdy little meet-up in Vancouver in 2013.

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Every bad presentation has a bright side

@ VOL 11 ON JUL 22, 2017

Le Minh Hoang, Alumni returns from the UK, shares about the new life and depression. Listening to his story on how he got out of it and found the bright side in every situation

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The Law of Attraction

@ VOL 11 ON JUL 22, 2017

It's easy to think about good things at good times what it's not easy is to think about them at difficult times and make them come true. The more difficult it takes the more we're attracted to them. Duc Anh Huu explains.