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28 JUL


Well, time fleets much faster than we realize, especially when we are having good time in good company. It is time for PechaKucha Gwalior July session. Here is the impressive line-up:

Dr. Sohela Najmi (Professor of French, Jiwaji University, Gwalior) - speaks on "Global Communication and French"

Mr. Rohit Sharma (Image Consultant, Star Steps, Gwalior) - speaks on ''Image Power''

Mr. Amit Jain (Chairperson, Child Welfare Council, Morena) - speaks on ''Right Parenting''

Mr. Naeeem Qureshi (Author and Historian, Gwalior) - speaks on ''Bundel Khand''

Dr. Paritosh Malviya (Asst. Director, DRDO, Gwalior) - speaks on ''Insurmountable, Desolate, Ruthless Expedition''

Email us at xanzai(at)yahoo.com for entry passes. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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Garbhasamskar in Today's Era

@ VOL 12 ON FEB 10, 2019

Dr. Mahi Mishra, faculty at Government Ayurvedic Medical College, Gwalior, walks us through the ancient wisdom of 'garbhasamskar'.

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The Magical Answer

@ VOL 12 ON FEB 10, 2019

Vipul Garg, Director of J.S. Public School, Morena, offers this 'magical answer' to most of the problems of today.

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Multitasking: an art

@ VOL 12 ON FEB 10, 2019

Shweta Jadhwani, food critic, home maker and PhD candidate, shares how multitasking is nothing but an art if managed well.

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Strength Management

@ VOL 12 ON FEB 10, 2019

Galav Sharma, strength coach, underlines the importance of strength building irrespective of the age.

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Automation and Employment

@ VOL 10 ON JUL 28, 2018

Chitranshi Khandalkar, mechanical engineering student, handles the issue of increasing automation all around and its impending impact on the employment and employability.

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Main Hoon Na

@ VOL 10 ON JUL 28, 2018

Sumita Balhara, MD of Safe Campus, talks on the criticality of both, mental and physical protection skills.

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Rare Wildlife in Gwalior

@ VOL 10 ON JUL 28, 2018

Sanjay Dutt Sharma, noted passionate wildlife photographer, shares his journey in search of rare wildlife in/around Gwalior.

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Block chain and the world

@ VOL 9 ON MAR 18, 2018

Ms. Vasudha Thirani (Senior Policy Associate with the Digital India Foundation, member of the World Economic Forum and a Young India Fellow ' 17; focuses on digital economy, identity and security) – speaks on " Beyond Bitcoin : Block chain and how the world will change "



Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya hosts PechaKucha

Principal Mrs. Nishi Misra, sharing the school's education philosophy and her vision, emphasises on the exigency of time to create a conducive environment for students where they can cultivate their strength and calibre, realize their full potential and design-n-live the story that they are born to live as responsible citizens.
PechaKucha celebrates joining hands with SKV in its quest to offer a world-class format of storytelling and showcasing creativity and talent.

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About the City's Organizers

  • Dr. Sanjay Sharma

    Dr. Sanjay Sharma, founder of PechaKucha Night's Gwalior chapter and former director of Maastricht University India Institute, is a business diplomacy academic and Korea/East Asia specialist. Educated in public policy (PhD/ Korea), business (MBA/ the Netherlands), Korean affairs (M.Phil./ India), law (LL.B./ India), international relations (MA/ India), he manages multiple assignments as professor, business advisor, executive coach, entrepreneur, curriculum developer, career mentor, TV documentary maker, radio program presenter, business columnist, Korean interpreter, online course creator, to name a few. He has lived in Korea for 13 years, the Netherlands for 8 years. He can be reached at xanzai(at)yahoo.com

  • Soon-ok Heijmans

    A Korea specialist by training, a researcher/writer by experience, and a graphic designer/illustrator by hobby, I move wherever the wind takes me. As a cancer survivor, I am driven by a profound curiosity about life and all of its twists and turns. On my blog, I delve into the mysterious ways of the leukemia cell, the ties that bind us, and our perception of the past and the way it moulds our present and future. And as a member of the Global Advisory Team of Gwalior Knowledge Foundation, I conduct research on Asian affairs and healthcare. On the side, I enjoy dabbling in graphic design/drawing for PechaKuchaNight Gwalior, among others.