Past Glasgow Event: VOL 37

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VOL 37

June 12, 2019
@ The Whisky Bond

Cities are made up of overlapping material flows. At a time of rapid urbanisation, these flows are getting ever faster, denser and more complex. The construction industry accounts for 38% of total global emissions. Waste, water and air-borne pollution exacerbate existing spatial and social injustices and store up environmental problems for generations to come. In this context, it is increasingly urgent that we radically reassess how we relate to the material world: how we extract, process, distribute and dispose. Can we disrupt or re-imagine these flows to create healthier, more resilient, more just cities?

Ewan Alston
in London
Laura Hainey
in Glasgow
Minty Donald
in Glasgow
Nick Millar
in Glasgow
John Bingham-Hall
Director, Theatrum Mundi in London
Lizzie Malcolm
in Glasgow
Will Jenkinson
in Glasgow
Aaron Cook
in Glasgow