Past Glasgow Event: VOL 24

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VOL 24

July 11, 2015
@ The Whisky Bond

What does design mean to different sectors of society and how are we applying the process to engage citizens in the design of the future?


"What is it that you do?"

"I'm a designer'"

"What kind of design? Fashion? Branding? Product?"


Enter confused look. 


For the past two centuries we have commonly understood design as just an aesthetic layer.  The colour, shape, form and function of objects, of everyday things.

But take a quick look around you and our world is becoming ever more complex.  The integration of digital into the everyday has demanded for organisations to develop new relationships with their customers.  

Across the globe we are seeing design step into the role of simplifying this complexity and supporting organisations of all sizes to deliver coherent services and brands that meet customer needs.

In the 21st century, design has opened up and is now recognised as a valuable methodology that can be applied to the design of experiences from from how families visit Disneyland to your experience in Accident and Emergency rooms.

Society by Design will take you on a journey of the principles of design and how they are being applied to a wide range of sectors from Smart Cities to frontline health, Governments to high street bakeries.   


Helen Teeling
Producer, TAKTAL in Glasgow
Cat Cochrane
in Glasgow
Keira Anderson
in Glasgoq
Valerie Carr
Design Director, We areSnook in Glasgow, Lancaster, London
Michael Hayes
Founder, Add Jam in Glasgow
Tommy Petillo
Product Designer in Glasgow