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We haven't scheduled our next PechaKucha Night yet, but in the meantime you can watch some presentations, look at our map to see if there are any scheduled PKNs in nearby cities, or have a look at the long list of upcoming events, to see if there's one you can attend!

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Good Waste

@ VOL 37 ON JUN 12, 2019

Ewan Alston is a designer and maker specialising in material ows and the circular economy. He is currently completing an MA in Design Products at the Royal College of Art, where his work has focussed on the production systems that de ne products and their footprint, and on how cities can move towards local, circular manufacturing.
Recent projects include furniture made from waste marble from an industrial site, designed for the neighbouring housing development; and a series of lamp designs that would automatically adapt to whatever metal offcuts are locally available at a given moment.
ewanalston.com / @ewan.alston

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Theatrum Mundi

@ VOL 37 ON JUN 12, 2019

Dr John Bingham-Hall is Director of Theatrum Mundi and Honorary Senior Lecturer at UCL STEaPP. With TM he has led programmes on cultural infrastructure, sonic urbanism, urban commons, and choreographing urban mobility. He has held research posts at LSE Cities and UCL STEaPP and an associate lectureship at CSM. He has a multi-disciplinary academic background, holding a BMus (Music) from Goldsmiths College, and an MSc (Advanced Architectural Studies). His PhD (Architectural Space & Computation) from the UCL Bartlett School of Architecture focused on hyperlocal media, mapping relationships between urban form, communication technologies, and the neighbourhood public sphere. His ongoing research interest is in the ways urban design shapes the public lives of cities, linking study of and through technology, performance, media, and infrastructure.
theatrum-mundi.org / @public_culture

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Minty Donald & Nick Millar

@ VOL 37 ON JUN 12, 2019

Minty Donald is an artist, researcher and Professor of Contemporary Performance Practice at the University of Glasgow. Her practice explores interrelationships between humans and the other-than-human environments that they shape, build and inhabit; environments that also mould and permeate them. Minty regularly works with (human) collaborator, Nick Millar.
Nick Millar is an artist and freelance technical manager.
Nick regularly collaborates with Minty Donald.
As a technical manager Nick has worked for artists and organisations including Arika, Nic Green, Glasgow International, National Theatre of Scotland, Quarantine, British Dance Edition, Michael Clarke Company, Untitled Projects, Unicorn Theatre, Rimini Protokol.
donaldmillar2014.tumblr.com / then-now.org / performanceecologyheritage.wordpress.com/portfolio/minty-donald / facebook.com/erraticdrift

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Collecting Commons

@ VOL 37 ON JUN 12, 2019

Hello, my name is Milo. I am a designer and maker who is interested in developing vernacular design projects to create social bonds within communities. I believe that focusing on socially engaged grass roots projects is the key to unlocking the system change needed for a more sustainable way of living. Within this framework I am excited by experimenting with decentralised manufacturing processes, both traditional and digital. Most of all , I care about ensuring that design and making are fun and enjoyable parts of life :)

milomg.com / @milomg

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@ VOL 37 ON JUN 12, 2019

STILL LIFE is a recycling workshop based in Glasgow. We create furniture & objects with an aim to make plastic and other waste materials more desirable and encourage their use as a resource.
stilllife.earth / @stilllifeworkshop

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Rectangle Studio

@ VOL 37 ON JUN 12, 2019

Rectangle is an interface design studio based in Glasgow, Scotland, founded by Daniel Powers (US) and Lizzie Malcolm (UK) in August 2017. They work with information
and technology and content and form to develop projects in various media. With a focus on what they call “site-speci c interfaces”, Rectangle writes software, builds tools, creates archives, designs interfaces and explores technologies. All projects are designed and developed inhouse. Outcomes encompass the physical and digital. Computation is central, but not always visible.
rectangle.design / @rctngl

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Architecture & Design Scotland

@ VOL 37 ON JUN 12, 2019

Since 2012 Architecture and Design Scotland’s Materials Library has showcased sustainable, traditional, innovative, recycled and low carbon building materials at The Lighthouse in Glasgow. Laura Hainey will tell the story of some of these interesting materials, charting their source, environmental properties and use in Scottish buildings. Architecture and Design Scotland are Scotland’s design champion, bringing people together to create better places.

ads.orgo.uk / @ArcDesSco

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Glasgow Tool Library

@ VOL 37 ON JUN 12, 2019

The Glasgow Tool Library is a social enterprise that operates like a normal library, but instead of sharing books we share tools. We collect donations of tools from those that no longer use them, repair and care for them, and make them accessible to everyone through a pay-what-you-can membership. By creating a communal resource and community-run library,
we aim to challenge unsustainable relationships between use and ownership, promoting a more collaborative economy and society.
facebook.com/glasgowtoollibrary / @GLA_TL



2nd Hand Scenery

"Can you imagine that in a school playground? It would be a wonderful thing to have. At the moment, it's sitting in a landfill."

From "2nd Hand Scenery" from PechaKucha Night Glasgow Vol. 31Matthew Doolan presents 2nd Hand Scenery, a fledgling organization based in Glasgow that aims to find creative ways to help the Scottish entertainment sector reduce the amount of scenery, props, and furniture going to landfill once a production cycle has finished. 2nd Hand Scenery's primary goal is to connect the different elements of the industry with one another, to let the school drama club see what the National Company no longer needs and to facilitate the exchange, to let amateur dramatics groups share a show and to make it as easy as possible for companies and individuals to display their used items before they run out of time and space. 

It was founded by two scenic carpenters who after many years in the industry had become dismayed a the sheer volume of useful materials that are lost due to relentless production cycles and crushing time pressures inherent across the sector. So they decided that something had to be done about it.

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About the City's Organizers

  • Abigale Neate-Wilson

    Agile City is a community interest company that creates space for work, events and learning. We operate across two buildings – Civic House and The Glue Factory – and deliver a public programme of events, talks and workshops that explore cultural and social approaches to city development. We are based in Speirs Locks, north Glasgow – an area that has been dramatically affected by loss of industry and the construction of the M8 motorway in the 1960’s. We have worked in this area since 2011 and our projects respond to this context by considering sustainable approaches to repurposing industrial buildings and addressing issues of vacant space through activation, testing and learning.