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lBanca Garcia Gardelegui is an architect and urbanist based in Geneva. She has worked with pritzker priced architects Herzog & de Meuron, taught Architecture in Bangkok Royal University of Chulalongkorn and collaborated as an architect for the United Nations. She holds an MArch from the School of Architecture of Barcelona.

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SDGs? CBD? LT&C? - And what have penguins got to do with this?

@ VOL 7 ON MAR 31, 2016

What future do we want? What are our Sustainable Development Goals? How can everybody do good for the future of the world? What is the best recipe to safeguard all the dierent creatures of the world? And what do penguins have to do with this? Peter Prokosch, Founder and Chairman of Linking Tourism & Conservation, is here to enlighten us.

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Living Building Challenge - Camp Glenorchy

@ VOL 7 ON JUN 24, 2017

Steve Hewland presents a new concept in sustainable hospitality which considers environmental, community and financial sustainability

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Tiny houses and sustainable communities

@ VOL 25 ON FEB 28, 2018

Jimmy Hirst has been traveling the world researching Tiny Housing, sustainable communities (Eco Villages) for the past five years and looking at progressive living ideals. He believes we now have the need, the technology (like with Blockchain), and the consciousness to facilitate a shift in the western living paradigm, to help bring the mainstream population into embracing more sustainable and connective communities. He believes it’s time to reinhabit the village, holistically regenerating human and natural values, to last for generations to come.

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Creating Sustainable Cities

@ VOL 15 ON MAR 16, 2018

Christian Vassie explains how creating sustainable cities requires citizens and politicians to park their differences on the energy transition and other environmental issues. With York having had no Local Plan or vision for its future for over 60 years as a direct result of the inability of its politicians and citizens to work constructively together, and with climate change an ever-growing challenge, we have to dump the party rosettes and get serious. Fortunately there are plenty of other cities across the EU to show us how it is done. 
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Community Building in the Sky

@ VOL 1 ON MAY 06, 2018

Dale Mikkelsen has dedicated his career to the pursuit of sustainable community planning, focusing on energy efficiency, material conservation, healthy environments and community building. 

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Sustainable Cities

@ VOL 26 ON SEP 28, 2018

Astghine Pasoyan discusses what makes cities sustainable, including economic, social and environmental development challenges, with a focus on Yerevan. 

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Saving the planet: one step at a time

@ VOL 26 ON SEP 28, 2018

Ruzanna Baldryan talks about the sustainable development, Sustainable Development Goals and the daily actions we need to take for saving the planet.

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Sustainable Urban Ideas for Small Towns

@ VOL 14 ON DEC 06, 2018

Blake Laven is a registered professional planner with a keen interest in downtown revitalization, affordable housing work, community visioning and promoting positive urban development. He has some pretty awesome ideas to share about making life more fun and sustainable for people in the small, picturesque town he calls home.

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Housing 2.0: A Sustainable, Habitable Future

@ VOL 36 ON APR 17, 2019

Chris Morgan is an architect and a Director at John Gilbert Architects with over 25 years’ experience in ecological design and sustainable development. He has maintained a range of experience from masterplanning and energy infrastructure, through to award-winning and innovative architecture, research and teaching. Previously a Chair of the Scottish Ecological Design, Chris is one of only four architects with advanced sustainable architecture accreditation from the RIAS. He is a design review panellist for Architecture + Design Scotland and has certification in Passivhaus design, building biology and permaculture. / @johngilbertarch