This week's City Focus spotlight lands on the lovely Californian city of Fresno. Located smack dab in the middle of California, this gem of a city is best known for its alluring natural scenery and sprawling cityscapes. Celebrating their 10th year as an official PKN city in 2018, the PKN Fresno team has shown their undying PechaKucha Passion and love for creativity and community. Let's all show them support by wishing them the best of luck at PechaKucha Night Fresno Vol. 35. Happy New year to all from PechaKucha HQ!

PKN Jersey Vol. 1 Presentations In 2009, Nikki Mansel met a tiny bear during a trip. Since then, it has turned into her most trusted traveling companion, and as you'll see in her presentation (from PKN Jersey Vol. 1), they've been sharing adventures in quite a few countries. Here are details on this presentation by Alanda Kariza, presented in Indonesian at PKN Jakarta Vol. 7.

Indonesian Youth Conference (IYC) is an activity planned and organized by youth, and aimed at gathering Indonesia youth to share problems and ideas, enhance their awareness of current issues, and convince the public that youth voices must be heard and taken seriously. IYC consists of two activities that are intertwined with each other: 1. A forum that invites 33 young people aged 15 to 21 years from all over Indonesia to represent their respective provinces at this event. They are expected to be actively involved in communities and networks, respectively, are determined to make a change towards a better Indonesia, and want to start a movement or project in their community. 2. A festival, made up of organized seminars and workshops that can be visited by anyone by buying tickets. Seminar sessions and workshops at the festival are more general, covering a wide range of issues. It invites experts, professionals, government officials, and youth achievement to talk about law and governance, politics, culture, creative industries, information technology, environment, education, health, activism, social entrepreneurship, as well as journalism and media.

PKN Seoul Vol. 12 Posters We have a few new posters on the Tumblr blog today, starting with the poster above for this past Friday's PKN Seoul Vol. 12, which marked a re-launch of the series -- it had been dormant for a few years. Also uploaded are posters for tonight's PKN Fresno Vol. 16 and for next month's PKN Concepcion Vol. 7. PKN St. Louis Vol. 9 Photos Today we point out this photo gallery [Facebook], which covers last month's PKN St. Louis Vol. 9, held at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis (CAM). Take note that PKN St. Louis Vol. 10 is set for September 27. Calendar We kick off the week with tonight's (July 23) PKN Fresno Vol. 16 and PKN San Jose Vol. 7. Tomorrow, you can look forward to PKN Rockford Vol. 2 and PKN Halifax Vol. 11. 

PKN Raleigh's PK Mix

httpv:// In the run up to the Global Cities Week, we suggested to organizers that they try doing a "PechaKucha Mix" presentation -- a format made popular at PechaKucha Nights in Fresno, in which volunteers get on stage and react to 20 images -- and here's a look at the PK Mix that was part of PKN Raleigh Vol. 10 (which was a GCW event).

PKN Fresno Vol. 14's PechaKucha Mix

httpv:// One of the best things about PechaKucha Nights is that each city does it slightly different -- we actively don't like to give too many directions to new organizers, as we prefer seeing how they approach it -- and one of the things that Fresno has been doing is an "Audience Participation" presentation, in which they put together 20 images, and then invite audience members to come to the stage and adlib as the presentation runs. We loved the idea, and suggested that other cities try it out as well -- we did it for the first time in Tokyo last week, and it was a huge hit. The video above was recorded at last week's PKN Fresno Vol. 14 -- part of Global Cities Week -- and shows off the city's latest "PechaKucha Mix," as we're now calling it.

PKN Fresno + Global Cities Week Fresno is taking part in our Global Cities Week with its PechaKucha Night Vol. 14, happening on February 20 at Fulton 55. You'll find a partial list of presenters and more details on the official event page.


Photographer Ryan C Jones was a presenter at last week's PechaKucha Night in Fresno Vol. 5, and just before the event he tweeted a tease for his presentation, which you can see here. Entitled "Strangers," it's something we definitely would like to see up in our "Presentations" section.

PKN Fresno

PechaKucha Night in Fresno Vol. 5 happened last night -- or is happening now, depending on where you are in the world -- and to tide us over until we get photos from the event, organizer Kiel Famellos-Schmidt sent us the photo you see above. It's the first peek we get at how they do things in Fresno, and it's clear that they are using a very nice and cozy space for their PKNs -- the venue used is always the Starline. Loving that nightsky wallpaper you see in the background too!


When PechaKucha Night in Fresno organizer Kiel Famellos-Schmidt's wife Sabrina fell sick just before Vol. 3 -- and so unable to give her presentation -- it was her husband to the rescue. The presentation was on Sabrina's fiber arts business Anzula. I'm guessing Sabrina was surely relieved to hear that Kiel's "nonchalant attitude, jokes, and the husband perspective of a knitter were a hit."


Flyer for PKN Fresno Vol. 3

PechaKucha Night in Fresno Vol. 3 happens tonight (June 8) at Starline, and presenters for the evening will include: Fresno's Downtown and Community Revitalization Department Director Craig Scharton, custom furniture designer Adam Wall, and Floyd Sanchez of Antilabs.