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Judith Conning

Photographer in Forster

Chasing Aurora


Judith Conning's passion involves travelling to and indulging in an environment that many of us could not even imagine. North of the arctic circle there exist lands of ice and snow that are invisible to our consciousness but contain a way of life that is unique and is home to the magic that is the Aurora Borealis.

"Presentation of the Day" on October 7, 2014.

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Ice Hotel

@ VOL 6 ON MAR 07, 2013

Eszter Sziksz and Nikkila Carroll recount their experience at the Ice Hotel in Sweden. Over 100 miles above the Arctic circle, they joined a group of international artists and designers, who worked in pairs or groups to design rooms for the hotel, which consisted entirely of ice.

"Presentation of the Day" on April 27, 2013.

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Les Calotte Polaires et le R├ęchauffement Climatique - Ice Sheets and Global Warming

@ VOL 1 ON NOV 20, 2014

La réponse des deux calottes polaires (Groenland et Antarctique) à une hausse des températures est complètement différente.
La calotte du Groenland pourrait disparaitre à terme si on a une hausse de 3°C alors que celle de l'Antarctique pourrait atténuer dans un premier temps la hausse prévue du niveau de mers. Néanmoins, elle pourrait fondre à la base et se disloquer...

The response of both ice sheets to global change will be fully different.
The Greenland ice sheet would collapse if we have a temperature increase > 3°C while the Antarctica ice could mitigate the sea level rise in a first time. However, it could melt at its basis and break also in future ...

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A Saga of Fire and Ice

@ VOL 25 ON JUN 23, 2015

Polly Scotland's presentation is about her travels to Iceland—a magical place that goes beyond fire and ice.

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Two Women, One Baltic Circle

@ VOL 10 ON FEB 25, 2016

The Artistic Director Satu Herrala and Managing Director Hanna Nyman tell us why Baltic Circle is the festival of their lives!

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Iceland: Between Fire & Ice

@ VOL 7 ON NOV 01, 2016

"He's looking into the abyss, He's looking into himself.."

In Iceland: Between Fire & Ice at PechaKucha Night Cambridge Vol.7,  David Ramsay reflects on the shifting landscape of Iceland as the once frozen land begins to thaw and divide. What lures him to dive into the freezing cold abyss of the freshwater fissures? What will he discover about this rarely traversed frozen tundra? Watch and find out.

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Amongst the Ice

@ VOL 28 ON NOV 24, 2016

As one third of the Winnipeg based production company, Build Films, Trevor Gill has shot and directed films focused on the preservation of land and traditional Inuit values throughout the Canadian Arctic. For him, life is a quest for knowledge collected through experiences, adventure and the meeting of minds. A camera in hand affords him the opportunity to travel, tell stories, meet people, and explore new landscapes and cultures a long the way. This past summer he journeyed along the coasts of Greenland, Baffin Island, and Labrador on an educational expedition led by the Ottawa organization Students On Ice.

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#EnjoyAurora: Tourism in the Aurora Area

@ VOL 7 ON MAY 25, 2017

James Cardis describes tourism in the Aurora Area, a unique collection of ten communities and their attendant attractions, sports facilities, and meeting sites, anchored by Aurora, the second largest city in Illinois. James encourages everyone to consider a “staycation” in their hometowns, visiting the outstanding places to see and taking advantage of a variety of fun things to do in the Aurora Area, just forty miles west of Chicago.

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Auroras in Photography

@ VOL 7 ON JUN 24, 2017

Joseph Michael looks at the creation and impact of Auroras through his photography. 

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The Light and Times of Cody Fjeldsted

@ VOL 37 ON FEB 20, 2019

By day, Cody Fjeldsted is an elementary school teacher but at night, he picks up his camera to shoot the Northern Lights. Here, Cody recalls his beginnings with his Northern Lights photography and how it's permeated his everyday life. Truly a feast for the eyes, get ready to be amazed by Cody's stunning work in this 20x20 talk.

Cody's talk was recorded live at PechaKucha Night Winnipeg Vol. 37, on February 20 2019, at the Park Theatre. 

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