This one evening, at a Pecha-Kucha Night in Flint…

How'd it go? We blew the roof off. Our event was staged at Flint’s own Tenacity Brewing Company, right on the banks of the Flint River. The bar had their best night since summer; proof that P-K’ers do enjoy a tasty beverage.        

The energy was off the chart –                                                                              

  • like the night in 74 when you caught Springsteen at the Stone Poney      
  • or Diz blowing bop at Birdland in 1951

The world knows that Flint has been battered; here was the chance for ten of Flint's most creative thinkers and doers to share their love for Flint and their visions for moving us forward.

There was not a soul present who was not ready to follow Willie Buford into battle, to rip down a mountain on a snowboard with Greg Flowers, or to buy a new pair of eyeglass frames from Wes Stoody at Article One that would help prevent blindness in children of 3rd World Nations.

Several people came up to me after the event and begged to be added to the list for our next night. Weather permitting, I hope to stage our next night outside in Tenacity Brewing's outdoor beer garden. Under the lights. Big sound system. Like a World Cup Final. Like a U2 concert.

Even better- like the 2nd Flint Pecha-Kucha Night.

Pecha-Kucha, Creativity! from the Ground Up.

To me, the coolest thing about the night was that afterwards, all the presenters worked the room to make certain they met all the other presenters. So much hugging. It was like a cast party. In a way, it was a cast party.

It was a damned fine night.

Shout-out, muchas gracias, grand merci, 本当にありがとう are due:
1)    The good folks at Tenacity Brewing for the venue. Yes, it turns out P-K’ers in Flint are good for the bar business, but who knew?
2)   Michigan Public Radio for their support
3)   The people of Flint
4)   Our presenters.                                                                                                                                   These bright & savvy folks gave us a great night! 

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Why September? Because I also spend a lot of my time on melanoma issues. if you are interested in skin cancer and melanoma, please check out my book Melanoma, It Started with a Freckle on Amazon.

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Video is on the way. I swear. 



Host/organizer: David L. Stanley- teacher/science guy, author, voice-over artist, and a quiet rabble-rouser.



  1. Willie Buford – Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce YouthQuest director
  2. Gary Fiedler – Director of Greater Flint Arts Council
  3. Greg Flowers – Founder of Boneheadx  Snowboard, Director of USASA Snowboard series, and breakthrough design/engineering guy
  4. Joel Rash – Red Ink and community booster par excellence
    1. Joel may be out of town, if so, then see no. 5
    2. Jon Hardman and Mike Wright, Founders of Factory Two, Flint’s Maker Space
    3. Chene Koppitz – Communications director, FIA
    4. Luke Lloyd – Flint basketball legend, Women’s BB coach at SVSU, and inventor of the Dribblestick
    5. Linda Samarah – Community activist and Muslim thought leader
    6. Wes Stoody – Powers graduate, EMU X-C star, and co-founder of Article One Eyewear
    7. Lee Thompson – Flint’s Indie film maker and author
    8. Ted Valley – Founder of Vertigo Theatrics, Flint Comix, and all the great stuff at Masonic Temple
    9. Deanna Ziots – actress, singer, alternative health care expert