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AUGUST 12 Cancelled!

Hello Fayetteville!
We are reorganizaing and retrsucting the way we do our PechaKuna! Hold tight and stay tune for our next event here in Fayetteville.
Best Regards,
Karoll Mac

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About the City's Organizers

  • Karoll Mac

    Loves inspiring people and finding ways to connect them. Prior Military, Army Active Durty for 8 years and after getting out knew that I had to find ways to connect with others. This event is a great way to bring people out. Get them together and share a story!! I want people to learn from others and to grow as well. Development Director at Crafts & Drafts, CEO & Founder at Meraki Creative Agency. Currently Studies Doctorate in Business Administration at Walden University Studied MBA Marketing at American Public University Studied International Relations and Latin American Studies at American Public University. Lives in Fayetteville, North Carolina