PechaKucha Presentation
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“CIMI” Alvarado is an El Paso, Texas native, and began his artistic career experimenting with graffiti art.  Following his studies under Gaspar Enriquez at Bowie High School, Cimi delved into public art projects, which often included educational components and community involvement.  His efforts have included an intensive, ongoing mural education program in Dallas, Texas; two full-scale murals created with students from the El Paso, Texas Juvenile Detention Center; and two large murals depicting the history and culture of El Paso, Texas.  Cimi’s recent public works involved community brainstorming, input, and inspiration through both community meetings and written, anonymous surveys.  Cimi’s artwork has been featured in shows in Mexico City; Buenos Aires, Argentina; the El Paso Museum of Art; the University of Arkansas at Little Rock; and Cd. Juarez, Mexico - “Binational Art Exhibit” Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes.

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Mural Mania

@ VOL 128 ON SEP 30, 2015

"One of the great things about murals is they fill your whole field of vision."

In Mural Mania from PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol. 129, Art writer Nick West takes us on a tour of large-scale public artworks around Tokyo - from a gigantic painting by Okamoto Taro in Shiibuya station to shop shutter murals in Shimokitazawa and everything in between.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Friday, November 13th, 2015. 

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Mele Murals

@ VOL 24 ON AUG 14, 2015

Estria Miyashiro is an internationally recognized muralist and the co-founder and Creative Director of The Estria Foundation (TEF), a nonprofit organization using art in public to transform communities and bring attention to important local issues. TEF creates innovative public art projects and education programs using art in public as a catalyst for community engagement.

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Mural Machine

@ VOL 27 ON JUN 09, 2016

Recognizing their obsession with art and connecting with the community, local artist Tiffany Clark and Christopher Etch united and created "The Mural Machine".  Tonight they're here to share the roots of their story, and how their adventure has grown into beautifing the city with art while creating awareness to a growing epidemic of our country.

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Graffiti Wanted

@ VOL 29 ON SEP 20, 2016

Eleanor Oakes is a photographic artist with a multidisciplinary approach, currently living in Detroit, MI. In 2016 she completed the public art project “Graffiti Wanted” to engage the community in an open dialogue about graffiti and censorship in Detroit. She received a MFA in Art Practice from Stanford University in 2014 and a BA from Princeton University.

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Dunia Clara

@ VOL 1 ON OCT 28, 2017

Some murals depicting a short-haired child often adorn the walls of the streets of Tangerang. The character made by Ifand Shano, he told us who is that character and what a story about her.

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40 oz. to freedom Graffiti als Kommunikationsform im urbanen Raum

@ VOL 2 ON JUN 22, 2018

Johann Brandes vom C28 | Kunstraum ergründet in einem zeitgeschichtlichen Kommentar die Grenzen der Kommunikationsform Graffiti.
Wenn sein Vortrag wohlmöglich den Eindruck einer Glorifizierung von Graffiti erwecken mag – eine Rechtfertigung strafbarer Handlungen ist in keinster Weise beabsichtigt!

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Better Together Mural

@ VOL 28 ON NOV 29, 2018

One of Madison's latest murals, designed by Brooklyn-based artists Flavia Zimbardi and Caetano Calomino, the 40' long wall reads "Better Together" in vibrant and beveled geometric letters. It was painted last August behind the Hawthorne Library as part of the new Madison Mural Alley, a project conducted by The Bubbler art hub and sponsored by the Madison Arts Commission.

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The Power of Community Mural Arts in East Los Angeles

@ VOL 163 ON MAR 26, 2019

Researcher Atsuko Niitsu will share a presentation on the power of community mural artworks, spotlighting her findings through photos of Chicano murals which play site-specific historical roles in East Los Angeles.


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A Rainbow Gone Mad: Protecting and Conserving the Patrick Hanly Mural at the Town Hall

@ VOL 39 ON APR 27, 2019

Emily Fryer is an objects conservator working and living in Christchurch. Emily has worked on a number of earthquake remediation projects including Scott's Statue and the Logie Collection at the University of Canterbury. In this PechaKucha Emily will take you through her journey with the mural 'Rainbow Pieces'.