Past Edmonton Event: VOL 33

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VOL 33

February 08, 2019
@ Amiskwaciy Theatre, Royal Alberta Museum

Doors @ 6:00pm Presentations @ 7:00pm

Presenter Line-up:

Rob Lelacheur - The Mystery Tour

Patrick Remo - Let's Talk of Edmonton Like Crossfitters Talk about CrossFit

Conor Kerr - A College Student Walks Into an Indigenous Student Services Centre...

Pam Wight - Edmonton's Next Potential Coservation Site in the River Valley

Stephan Raitz - Not Just for the Spandex People: All Ages, Abilities, and Season Cycling in Edmonton

Claudia Gomez Villeneuve - The Sum of the Forces Eqals Zero - and Other Lies

Billy Strean - Sustain Joy

Rebecca Calder - The Phenomenology of Memes, or, What Millennials Haven't Killed is Killing Us

Pieter de Vos - Homelands: Life on the Edge of the South African Dream

Allan Mott - No Hot Dogs in Heaven

Allan Mott
Copywriter, Northlands