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In reality, an inclusive contemporary dance class happens every Tuesday under the glass roof of studio 1 at Dancebase (Grassmarket Edinburgh). The session is inclusive to people with all sorts of profiles, ability and experience. All are welcome. Sculpted dance moves and manoeuvres are made accessible and designed to flow seamlessly by the class teacher. His formula is both evolved and immediate. Valued moments of absorbtion, consent and confidence potentially emerge for the individual and the group, thanks to a good connection with this dancing and this place. The hour is eventful. The studio's zones and features amount to a special vessel and asset.

Architecture Fringe followers are invited to participate in the class - booking (and loose comfortable clothes) essential. The classes will be followed by a pop-up photo exhibition and discussion elsewhere on the premises, free and open to all.



Photographs taken by Dinda Fass whilst working for a construction company in Glasgow. Out on site taking the weekly progress photographs, Dinda also secretly made a body of work documenting the subtleties of light on concrete, the making-dos of construction workers, and the incidental / accidental collection of forms and shadows made by off-cut, discarded and unused materials. Exhibited for the first time Fass' pared down aesthetic combined with a keen observational eye will let you see a building site through new eyes.

Sign up to join Dinda for guided photowalks on a construction site during the Architecture Fringe, the results of which will be shown in a pop-up exhibition alongside Dinda's work.



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'Arcadia' refers to a vision of environment in harmony with nature.

The Ancient Greek province from which the term derives was associated with natural splendour and harmony inhabited by those without the pride and avarice that corrupted other regions.

The harmony we seek in our individual lives is deeply dependent on the built environment in which we live as a community which is in turn influenced by architects and designers as they grapple with our pressing need to walk more lightly on the earth.

Journeys in Design Scotland presents Arcadia: the Circular Economy of Construction, an exhibition series examining how we recycle our built environment.

Arcadia opens 8 June in the Olympia Shopping Arcade Kirkcaldy, part of the former Abbottshall Linen Works repurposed in pursuit of emerging design talent; it explores how this town and others in Scotland repurposes former Linen Buildings.






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Ally Wallace/FAIRYDEAN:

Glasgow based artist Ally Wallace makes work about architecture and during the past 12 months has made frequent visits to Netherdale Stadium, Galashiels, to make drawings, sculpture and video about the A-listed, Brutalist concrete grandstand there.

Netherdale is the home of Gala Fairydean Rovers Football Club and Ally's completed artworks will be exhibited as an installation in the club's Board Room at the stadium. In addition to seeing the exhibition, visitors will have an opportunity to look around the grandstand's interior and exterior.

The building was designed by British Modernist architect Peter Womersley and was completed in 1964. Current restorative work being carried out on the stand has meant that the seating area is temporarily inaccessible to visitors but the building's overall dynamic form can be viewed from all around.







Pecha Kucha EDI returns to Inspace courtesy of New Media Scotland.

A special edition of Pecha Kucha Edinburgh 8.20pm Thursday 13th June '19 showcasing selected highlights of the Architecture Fringe 2019 provocation: In Real life. Tickets available from 12 noon, 3rd May 2019, see weblink below venue address details. With thanks to Mark Daniels, New Media Scotland.

City Focus: Edinburgh

This week's City Focus lands on Scotland's largest financial center and second most populous city, Edinburgh. As the historical and cultural attraction of Scotland, the city is full some of Scotland's most renowned music theatres, museums, and art galleries. Edinburgh will be hosting its 39th installment of PechaKucha Night on June 15th. We are all looking forward to more amazing content from Edinburgh. Hope to see you all there!


Crumble Magazine are holding an afternoon of open discussion to create an architectural ‘magazine wall’ full of your ideas responding to our theme ‘Conflict / Resolution’


Crumble’s method revolves around creation through discussion; the Crumble Magazine Project will involve open discussion and collaborative creation, leading to a ‘magazine wall’ full of ideas all in a single afternoon! The theme of our latest issue is ‘Conflict/Resolution’: how does conflict manifest on a local, national and international level and how do we even start resolving it? The afternoon’s challenge will be shaping these ideas into paragraphs, poems, doodles and illustrations, which we can bring together for reflection and consideration at the end of the day.

We are holding this event in conjunction with Crumble’s third issue ‘Conflict / Resolution’, due to launch June 2018.

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Thrilled to have GRAS talking about the CUSTOM LANE SUMMER PAVILION:

A temporary, community-built summer pavilion, in the Custom Lane courtyard

Custom Lane & GRAS

Custom Lane and GRAS will work with Custom Lane residents and members of the wider creative community to design and build an experimental, temporary structure within the Custom Lane courtyard, responding to the theme Common Senses. The new structure will perform a variety of functions but, most significantly, will be designed to encourage regular use of the recently reclaimed public space. Where possible, found materials will be used and all materials will be capable of future re-use or recycling.

Architect and artist Tim Taylor will join us for v.39:


 52 model water towers pay homage to Bernd & Hilla Becher's photographic legacy

"Story-telling is at the heart of all good photography..."

In "Shadows and Curves" from PechaKucha Night Edinburgh Vol. 37, Photographer Kim Ayres talks about the growing niche market of Boudoir Photography and how to avoid falling into the objectification trap.