Past Dubuque Event: VOL 6

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October 20, 2016
@ Stone Cliff Winery

Unfortunately the sound system at Stone Cliff Winery did not quite cooperate... so many of the presentations from this event did not get properly recorded.  We apologize for this and we are working to make sure that this does not happen again!  That said, the presentations were all phenomenal... all the better reason to experience our events in person!

Drew Noll
System Admin in Dubuque
David Smiley
Retired, none in Dubuque
Kari McCann
in Dubuque
Ermina Soler
in Dubuque
Rich Rossignol
in Dubuque
Leon Campos
in Dubuque
Cindy Lewis
in Dubuque
Ali Levasseur
in Dubuque