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April 22, 2015
@ The Grand Social

We’ve teamed up with Totally Dublin to bring you Pecha Kucha 2015. On Wednesday 22 April we’re descending on The Grand Social with a band of merry speakers.

Expect talks on equality, biodiversity, cycling cities and community building. The speakers include Alex Milton (Director of Irish Design 2015), Mathew Jebb (Botanic Gardens), Broden Giambrone (Trans Equality Network Ireland), Rosie O’Reily (Re-Dress), Anne Bedos (Rothar), Michael Hayes (2ha), Abgc architectsNaoise Nunn (Cat Laughs Comedy Festival), Studio Red architectsConcrete Collar fashion blog and Colm O’Gorman (Amnesty International). MCing on the night is the ever reliable Ciaran O Gaora.

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Spring and Awakenings

@ VOL 7 ON APR 22, 2015

Alex Milton is a thinking designer with ideas from making Dublin 8 a leading cultural and creative quarter to creating our own future by design. Like many creatives earning a buck today, he has many strings to his bow as an academic, author, curator and designer.

He is currently the Programme Director of Irish Design 2015, a year long initiative which is promoting Irish design and designers through various events both at home and abroad. One of the events that Alex has programmed is on this week in Milan. It’s called Liminal and features over 20 Irish designers, companies and studios involved in collaborations across disciplines, and presents them for the first time in Milan.

He is a visiting professor at the National College of Art and Design, Ireland and Aston University, UK and his books include ‘Product Design’ and ‘Research Methods for Product Design’.

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6 Decades of Irish Landscape

@ VOL 7 ON APR 22, 2015

Nicola Ryan and Gráinne Dunne set up Studio Red Architects in 2008 after working for Gilroy McMahon and DTA Architects respectively. Shane Coyle joined the firm in 2014.

'We place utmost importance on sensitive and project-specific design. We know that strong communication and working closely with contractors and craftspeople will deliver beautiful buildings.

We understand that Architecture is about relationships – primarily the relationship between the building and its users – and also the relationship between building and its surroundings – be that rural, suburban or urban.  As Architects we are instrumental in the success of those relationships.'

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The Significance of Plants

@ VOL 7 ON APR 22, 2015

As Director of National Botanic Gardens Matthew Jebb and his family and are resident in the gardens in a large townhouse just a minute’s walk from the main gates. The house is one of the last big houses left in the area and was built in 1740 by Thomas Tickell.

He is a botanist having worked at the National Botanic Gardens for 18 years and Director for the past four years. He studied as a taxonomist (biologist that groups organisms into categories) at Oxford University. He later lived in Papua New Guinea where he was involved in many collecting expeditions and the naming of numerous species.

He has written papers on various botany related topics, including climate change, coral reef ecology and wasp breeding behaviour and believe that plants are the most important organisms on the planet but they remain essentially invisible to urbanised humans.


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May 22nd

@ VOL 7 ON APR 22, 2015

Colm O'Gorman, has worked as a waiter, a barman, a charity fundraiser, a hair salon manager, a security guard, a coat check attendant, a radio dj, a cook, a restaurant manager, a mini cab driver and as a psychotherapist. Arguably our highest profile speaker Colm O’Gorman is now a leading social justice commentator, director of Amnesty International Ireland and founder of One In Four Ireland.

As a teenager Colm was sexually abused by a priest. In 1998 he launched a case against the Roman Catholic Church. He went on to sue the bishop of his home diocese and the pope. In 2002 he took part in a BBC documentary telling his story, which resulted in the resignation of the bishop of Ferns Dr Brendan Comiskey.

As director of Amnesty International Ireland he is currently focussing his efforts on the Yes campaign for Marriage Equality, which was launched on 22 March.

“May 22 will be an historic date,” Colm said when launching the campaign. “It is a day when we all, as Irish people, have a chance to stand for a Republic of equals. A day when we can more fully realise equality for all of our people… Love does not discriminate, and neither should our laws.”

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This is Me

@ VOL 7 ON APR 22, 2015

Broden Giambrone, shares TENI’s campaign for inclusive gender recognition legislation.

Broden Giambrone, is the Chief Executive of Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI). TENI work towards equal rights for trans people and their families by providing support, education, advocacy and capacity building.

Broden has over ten years experience working with trans communities in Ireland and Canada. He is an active advocate for transgender rights and is currently leading TENI’s campaign for inclusive gender recognition legislation.

Ireland is the only country in the EU that has no provision for legal gender recognition. Legal gender recognition allows an individual to change the gender on their birth certificate and be recognised by the State in their true gender. Without this transgender and intersex people have no formal legal status and this impacts on their access to basic social services including social welfare benefits, education and marriage and various other aspects of life that can usually be taken for granted by individuals.

There has been some progress, last December, the Irish Government introduced the Gender Recognition Bill 2014. This piece of legislation would formally recognise trans and intersex people in Ireland. As the Bill has been published, it will now be debated in the Houses of the Oireachtas.

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The Language of Memory

@ VOL 7 ON APR 22, 2015

Michael Hayes, explores the language of memory and suburbia.

Michael Hayes, editor of 2ha – a printed magazine, that looks to suburbia and architecture to fill its pages. The ninth issue has recently been published and is based on the theme of how our leisure activities shape our suburban landspace.

In each issue four essays are published. The essays are written by architects, academics and artists and are based on various themes. Past issues have covered the relationship between suburbia and photography, cinema, history, typology, language, modernism and public space.

Michael is an architect living and practising in Dublin who is seemingly obsessed with publications. As well as editing 2ha, he is an editorial board member of Architecture Ireland and Publications Officer for the Architectural Association of Ireland.