Past Detroit Event: VOL 34

Large wide pkn  5.1 street occupation

VOL 34

February 02, 2018
@ The Owl and the Raven

A winter storm snowed us out on our first try (Dec 2017), but we are not giving up on Volume 34!!

We've gathered our presenters back together and set a new date with our hosts in their newly reimagined space, The Owl and the Raven.

We've got an amazing lineup of presenters, and a few surprises in store ;)

Doors at 7pm, presentations begin at 7:30 sharp.

Lisa Nuszkowski
Founder & Executive Director, MoGo in Detroit
George Petkoski
Architect, Sidock Group Architects in Detroit, MI
Donn Angel Perez
Architectural Designer/Artist, Self Employed in San Diego
Ashish Duvvuru
Founder, Project S.I.G.H.T. in Detroit, MI
Marina Morris
Post Closing Specialist, United Wholesale Mortgage in Detroit, MI
Adam Burns
Teacher, Troy School District in Detroit, MI
Raphael Wright
Entrepreneur, Urban Plug L3C in Detroit, MI
Lazar Favors
Everyday Business Director, Everydayimok! in Detroit, MI
Koko Watanabe
Graphic Designer, Doner Advertising in Detroit, MI
The Strange
Making music, The world in Detroit, MI