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31 JUL


Join PechaKucha Night Detroit as we partner for a special themed event with AIA Detroit's Committee on the Environment (COTE).  We will be hosted by Live6 in the new Neighborhood Homebase space on McNichols... you won't want to miss it!

Presenters will be asked to reflect on the event theme of RESILIENCE -- either in the specific context of sustainability, or more generally as it applies to their lives, work, and passions.

Interested in presenting? Send us your name, contact info, and a few words/images about your topic/work and how it relates to the event theme.  Send to pkndetroit@gmail.com by June 21.

Interested in attending? Doors open to the public at 7pm, with presentations scheduled to begin at 7:30.  Refreshments available.

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Sustainability is a Lifestyle, Not a Diet

@ VOL 37 ON APR 30, 2019

Zofia Pietrowicz is a senior at Lawrence Technological University, where she will graduate later this month in May, 2019. While the focus of her studies has been that of multi-disciplinary design, all of her focus circles around the idea of sustainability.

She believes that to design sustainably, there are three pillars to be considered: The people, the products, and the system itself.

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Vacant Not Blighted

@ VOL 37 ON APR 30, 2019

Melissa Arrowsmith holds a Master of Urban Planning from Wayne State and has dedicated her career to working on changing the Detroit blight narrative. She works with the Michigan Historic Preservation Network to keep the rich cultural and architectural heritage of Detroit alive.

One of the programs that our presenter Melissa Arrowsmith manages s the Living Trades Academy that is a hands-on, paid training program for underemployed Detroiters in the preservation trades.

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Visual Communication

@ VOL 37 ON APR 30, 2019

Michal Catari is the founder and owner of Wolf VRE. He offers a new approach to real estate by incorporating digital visualizations such as 3D modeling, simulations and animated videos to help improve sales for owners and developers.

Michael is a graduate of Lawrence Technological University with degrees in architecture and interior design. He also has 24 years of construction experience.

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Drones for Girls

@ VOL 37 ON APR 30, 2019

Ingrid Green has been all over North America. She was born in New York City, raised in Canada's arctic, graduated from Howard University in Washington, DC, fell in love with Los Angeles, and now is in Detroit. She works to change the narrative and inspire young women.

She is the founder of Drones for Girls a community program that brings drone technology to the forefront of Detroit schools and gives girls an opportunity to get involved in a way that increases their knowledge for future careers in the tech industry.

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Diminishing Crown Shyness

@ VOL 37 ON APR 30, 2019

Amanda Partridge Nordin is originally from North Carolina. She's been in Detroit for 17 years as an artist, teacher, mentor, and art collaborator. Focused on metal sculpting, Amanda has a passion for iron casting and bringing opportunities to the community.

In her presentation, Amanda explains that her goal is to bring a network of cast iron artists together. She says it takes a team to run a furnace but linking Detroit with its roots and providing individuals interested with opportunities will keep the ancient art alive.

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Determined Revisited

@ VOL 37 ON APR 30, 2019

Marcus D. Green, Detroit native and creator of Determined, leveraged his experience working on ABC World News and ESPN to tell the stories of Detroit's most determined youth to the forefront and help push them to take the next step in achieving their goals. His skills are so versatile that he is sometimes referred to as “the Swiss Army producer.”

Marcus first introduced his work to Pecha Kucha in 2017 for Vol. 32 in Detroit.

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Hiatus & Retrospective

@ VOL 37 ON APR 30, 2019

As an editorial photographer, Lex Dodson explores worlds and tell stories through the lens of his cameras. These detailed worlds give him inspiration & teach him lessons in emotion, personalities, and in capturing the moments of his subjects.

He specializes in portrait and action photography and believes in adapting his approach to each subject. Taking more time to learn the lessons in new school ways he pushes the boundaries of his camera in each shot to get closer to the action.

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Verbal Self-Defense

@ VOL 37 ON APR 30, 2019

Comedian and empowerment coach Laura Khalil discusses Verbal Self Defense and the tools to use during those times when you've ever been silenced into shock.

She previously presented at Pecha Kucha Night Vol. 37 last October with the ever-so-brilliant “An Introverts Guide to Flirting.”



Announcing Volume 37 @ Owl and the Raven!

We are excited to once again be partnering with Owl and the Raven for an exciting evening of sharing work and inspiration with both old and new friends!
Everyone knows our presenters in Detroit are the best in the PechaKucha Universe! :)
If you'd like a chance to be one of them, send us your name, contact info, and a few words and images about your topic to pkndetroit@gmail.com by March 23rd.
Doors open at 7pm, presentations begin at 7:30. Refreshments provided.

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About the City's Organizers

  • PKN Detroit Steering Committee

    We celebrate creative and business-minded talent that may not otherwise have an outlet to share their inspirations, creations and ways they've changed a community. PechaKucha Detroit has been providing its creative community a voice since 2008. Let's broadcast your innovation. Send an email to pkndetroit@gmail.com, and we'll tell you about our next event.

  • Frank Nemecek

    Frank Nemecek is a writer, filmmaker, and all-around pain in the [expletive deleted]. He started the Warrendale (Detroit) Blog in December of 2005 as side project to his freelance writing and video work. He did so mostly because none of the major media outlets were covering the Warrendale neighborhood in Detroit where he lives. Since then, he has been interviewed about his neighborhood on CNN Radio, Detroit Free Press, National Public Radio, The Wall Street Journal, and WXYZ-TV.